A rumour of tremendous hope

Here is a related video from Africa News 2 years ago. This would be a giant step towards victory should he follow through, and should the machinery of the deep state be retuned to make it happen.

H/T Oz-Rita


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3 Replies to “A rumour of tremendous hope”

    • Too deeply embedded within the West’s DeepState.
      Just the U.S.: Congress (e.g. Lindsey Graham), CIA (e.g. Brennan-feces), media (all of it), the Blob (e.g. Brookings TT, Georgetown U).

    • Like the Communist Party.
      It sank deep roots, an invasive plant. We’re still eating the poison fruit. The MB’s managed to graft itself onto it.
      ^^^ Example of a tortured metaphor, kinda gone to seed…
      Sorry, I'll stop now.

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