Venezuela mostly, and a brief update: Links 1, April 30, 2019

1. Heavy gunfire breaks out and terrified civilians run through clouds of tear gas for cover after Venezuela’s Juan Guaido calls for military uprising to overthrow President Maduro

Heavy gunfire crackled through the Venezuelan capital of Caracas on Tuesday after opposition leader Juan Guaido called for a military uprising to oust President Nicolas Maduro. 


Guaido urged protesters and members of the military to join what he called the ‘final phase of Operation Liberty’ in a video taken at La Carlota airbase in the capital Caracas while surrounded by heavily-armed soldiers.


The troops then set up defensive positions around the base before Maduro’s forces arrived and opened fire with teargas followed by live rounds, according to witnesses.

Guaido claimed that Maduro had lost the support of the military, by the President said he had spoken with his officers who had assured him of their ‘total loyalty’.

‘Nerves of steel!,’ Maduro said on Twitter. ‘I call for maximum popular mobilization to assure the victory of peace. We will win!’ 


Guaido, who has the backing of the US and most Western governments, has been trying to oust Maduro for months using largely non-violent protests.

American National Security Adviser John Bolton, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Vice President Mike Pence have since tweeted their support for Guaido, saying: ‘The United States stands with the people of Venezuela.’ 

2. The giant MK Ultra experiment that was played on Roger Scruton:

3. More on the burka ban in Sri Lanka

4. Segment of interview with Austrian leader, Strache:

Reporter: “Population Exchange” is a term of the right-wing extremist scene.


Strache: That is a concept of reality. We do not want to become a minority in our own homeland. That is legitimate and honest and deeply democratic. Those who are not left today are automatically defamed as right-wing extremists. Only where someone tries to enforce his political goals by force, it is right-wing extremism, which of course has lost nothing in a democracy.

(So yes, the Austrian leader agrees that there is a population replacement program taking place in Europe, and he is against it. This is good. Translation MissPiggy and H/T Oz-Rita)

5. LIVE RT feed from Venezuela military coup attempt

There is a lot going on and some truly stellar videos in translation. Also the full Baghdadi clip is done but its taking forever to publish at B.T. There is another clip being worked on which is of a journalist who was jailed for years in Qutar and talks about the rank corruption and horrors of that state, and how they own EVERYONE. I cannot wait for that one.

But one which will be ready today hopefully, is a short interview with the  journalist who went up to a French/Euro-tank driver during a Yellow Vest and asked what the new gas was, that they were spewing on everyone. He was arrested and jailed for that question, anbd forbidden from going to any rallies. He promises he will though, as France is not a country where the public is kept in the dark. That interview is done and in processing but using some antique equipment for the moment so it could be a while.

Thank you Xanthippa, PC., Wrath of Khan, Oz-Rita, M., EB., Johnny U., and all who have been contributing these past few days. So much going on and so much to do! But now is not the time to despair. While tragedy is all around us. great things are also happening. When an election happens, the voices of reason either win, or make great gains against ludicrous conditions against them. So we MUST keep ourselves informed and inform others even at what risk we can afford. The information battlespace is where this war is for the most part. And decent people who, for lack of a better term, ‘identify’ with the left can be turned when you show them and explain to them how the goals they seek are better achieved through reason and truth and power to the people, as opposed to the leftist/Islamic oligarchies they seem to defend.

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  1. Traverso said he saw “200-300 Venezuelan soldiers. They defected and now they are getting together at the border, wearing the blue bracelet on their arm, trying to organize so they can enter back into Venezuela and fight the regime of Maduro.”

    In addition to the soldiers, Traverso said he saw “thousands of civilians waiting for the call, trying to organize themselves, watching the news on their phones.”

    He noted that commandos are wearing a blue hat and blue bracelets, mimicking the soldiers fighting for Guaidó in Caracas, the capital. “Blue represents freedom, the sky on the Venezuelan flag,” Traverso said.

    “Either today or by this time tomorrow morning, they are saying, ‘We will have a new president or we’ll have a martyr.’ They’re very excited to go back home and fight for the country and for the democracy,” the missionary added.

      • ”Vladimir Padrino: We stop an attempted coup in Venezuela”

        I don’t think so. It’s still ongoing.

        Sotiri Dimpinoudis ??
        @sotiridi 2h

        #Breaking: Just in – Interim president Juan @jguaido
        troops says, they have taken control over the military La Carlota airbase in #Caracas just recently! And protestors are holding the perimeter in check. #OperacionLibertad #Venezuela

        • This is good, if there is any foreign (US) backing this lets them fly fighters an supplies into that airport.

          Always remember that all coups and other military actions need supplies, without those supplies all is lost.

          In WWII during the push towards the German Border we outrun out supply lines (we were moving faster then we could bring supplies to the advancing forces. AKA The Germans were losing faster then we could win) we had to halt to let the supply lines catch up and this gave the Germans time to regroup, reorganize and fight like the professionals they were. This lengthened the war by several months.

          During the last march to Baghdad we outran our line of supply and had to halt. This let the Iraqi Army regroup but they didn’t fight like pro’s so the war was just about the same length that would have happened if we hadn’t outran our supply like.

      • All media is on shutdown. This one is replacing RCTV on forced shutdown. It seems to be a private network. They are pro-Libertad.

        Radio Caracas Radio
        #30Abr EN VIVO #Conexión750 con María Alejandra Trujillo @Marialet1

        Seguimos EN VIVO por (link: y #Periscope

        ¡Hoy más que nunca #PonRCR! (Today more than ever).

      • I read about 2 hours ago that Guiado is on his way to Miraflores.

        IMPORTANT: Operation Libertad was supposed to have taken place on May 01. That’s why Maduro was caught by surprise.

        I think by tomorrow, May 01, much will have changed in Venezuela.

      • I hope you’re not talking about me. If so, a huge NO-NO.
        I’m a Guiado gal.
        As to Maduro and his criminal upper-military friends, may the people lay them on the ground in full sun, unable to escape, and cover them with honey. The ants will take of them.

        • NO, not you Sassy!
          I meant one of the Maduro cheerleaders –
          a chica obviously not living off rats and tree bark like her compatriates.

  2. Take a look at @realDonaldTrump pinned tweets. Warnings to Russia and Cuba.

    Sotiri Dimpinoudis ??
    #Breaking: Just in – American president Donald Trump urges Cuba military personnel to go back to their country. And urges Russia to not get involved in this conflict. #Venezuela #OperacionLibertad

  3. Item 2: Amazing Polly

    What they did to Roger Scruton in England is similar to what Scotland did to this guy:

    In Canada, we have @Canada Anti-Hate Network which is very similar in their modus operandi. They get funding from the taxpayers and the SPLC and fixate on destroying little people such as Faith Goldy.

    They take bits and pieces, rearrange a story, and throw around filth words.

    They’re now jumping and down in joyous glee that they might be successful in having Goldy audited for the $93,000 she amassed for her mayoral campaign. Their ultimate goal is to obtain the list of out-of-province contributors to her campaign.

    IMO, in view of the interesting amounts of funding the CAHN group receives, an audit is in order. They have more money than they can handle for the little work they do.

    We live in very troubled times.

    • Could it have anything to do with the fact that religion is no longer taught in schools? # 8 of the Ten Commandments: “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.”

      • I posted an article about this in the comments, two days ago I think, from Breitbart. Douglas Murray didn’t just write an article he somehow managed to get hold of a copy of the unedited tape, which showed how Sir Roger’s comments taken out of context. The article also said that the interviewer at the New Statesman has been told to take a leave of absence.

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