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4 Replies to “Pat Condell on Independence and a broken Parliament”

  1. Condell’s typically reliable ranting highlights one point that really has not received anywhere near the attention that it deserves.

    Why are these bastards so hell-bent on destroying the nation state?

    What is it that cannot happen in a global government that’s a daily feature in regular national life?

    It is impossible to commit treason against a non-existent nation state.

    Denying the reality of any notional state is a way for Cultural Marxists to exculpate themselves of the ROUTINE TREASON that they knowingly commit.

    Will it not be possible to commit treason against the World Government?


    By the time this planet’s governance happens in accordance with PoMo Prog agendas, this entire Earth will have become like the USSR—where your legal status never changes.

    In such an overarching and arbitrarily designated judiciary, all breaking of the law is subjectively measured and quantifiable evidence has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING. Restrictions upon individual conduct will be so comprehensive that even the activities of normal, daily life (as we know it) will violate some petty or arcane law buried somewhere in the mouseprint at the back of some musty legal tome.

    Note: — Communist China applies this method of broad falsification with its geopolitical cartography. At any time, Beijing can dust off some ancient (i.e. forged) map that shows how Bumfuck, Egypt once was a territory of the Heavenly Kingdom. —

    Meanwhile, back at Lubyanka’s worldwide gulag:
    All guilt or innocence will be irrelevant because it’s only a matter of whether or not they’ve gotten around to arresting you yet, for whatever crimes that you could not help but commit..

    Laugh if you wish, but nearly everyone reading these words knows in their heart that this Soviet-style “intrinsic guilt”, ersatz “legal theory” recently has been taking root in the West like never before. Internet censorship—and the entire self-policing, doxxing, Mob Rule (i.e., Tranny Tyranny of the Minority) it advances—is merely a single protrusion of this jagged pebble in humanity’s shoe.

    Below whatever polished exterior of information management and validation, THERE WILL BE RIGID THOUGHT CONTROL. By making every possible act suspect or criminally WRONG, the unelected “deep” global state will (by default) then have sole determination of what is RIGHT.

    Its shall be a power that will assuredly spin (in every very worst sense of the word), twirling like some weathercock in a whirlwind of popular opinion and selective enforcement. Partiality will reign with a strain of virulent preferentialism that makes today’s outrageously inequitable application of the law look like some friendly disagreement between best buddies.

    PS: Out of respect for Alex Jones, just recently I knowingly borrowed his meme of a “Prison Planet”. Please note how Condell also referred to a “Planetary Gulag”. This is but one more confirming data point on how badly InfoWars had begun to antagonize TPTB (The Powers That Be).

    • Every nation on earth is rapidly moving to the standard of guilty until proven innocent. This is not going to end well for anyone.

  2. Why doesn’t he run for Parliament or the EU parliament? The only thing I disagree with him on is that I’m not laughing. I had to cancel Twitter before Christmas, I couldn’t bear to watch the Parliament any more. I remember England in the fifties. And every time I hear anything from there I ask myself how can this be? What have they done? How could they let this happen? How could they have put themselves at the mercy of the EU?
    It seems to me the Germans are enjoying seeing Britain squirm, revenge for them winning the war? And the rest enjoy seeing a once proud independent nation brought low.
    It makes me wish I’d stayed to fight.
    “All power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Doesn’t it just?

  3. Very well put but Condell seems to think a Brexit backing candidate will be on the card in every constituency on May 2nd. I am not aware of one in my ward. But it’s not the local councillors who are the problem its the MPs (both Commons and Lords).

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