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4 Replies to “Trudeau shows his diversity credentials when he cannot tell China from Japan”

  1. Trudeau is an imbecile !! What does that say about the people that voted for him and his party of nation destroyers !! Those same people that elected this imbecile will vote for him again. The Left/ Socialists / Marxists / Communists / imbeciles are in tune with Trudeau !!

  2. Call the man deaudeau, nothing tru about him, an idiotic empty suit. What is of concern are the intelligent, evil, nation destroying people around him. Come the election, they’ll step between the average voter and shield this foul prime minister from tough scrutiny.
    Wish Canadians could call this wonkta bird, geijin.

  3. This reminds me of a joke about Nixon’s visit to China.
    Whn Nixon first meets Mao, he suddenly punches him in the face and yells “that’s for Pearl Harbor!”.
    “But that was the Japanese”, a stunned Mao says.
    Nixon shrugs and says: “you all look alike to me”.

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