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3 Replies to “Leftist Leaders Idiotic New Terminology on Twitter Distinctly Confirms their Anti-Christian Ideology”

  1. After you watch this video read the Liberty Unyielding Article by J.E. Dyrer, it is about how out of touch with reality the Propaganda Media and the Swamp/Sewer dwellers are.

  2. Remember that Republicans wanted 0bama to use the words Islamic Terrorists or Islamic Extremists. Now that Republicans are in 0ffice they’re not doing much different. Brett Bare even has a muslim producer,

  3. “Easter Worshippers”: Not a new term.
    It’s a tardish derogatory that associates Christians with pagans, worshippers of the goddess Ishtar.

    Maybe coincidence that both 0 and the Witch just happened to use it. Maybe they spend a lot of time with tards who routinely trash-talk Christians.

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