AfD politician and policeman busts the Merkel lie of public safety

In this video AfD member Martin Hess addresses the most recent police crime statistics in the Bundestag. In his opinion, Germany isn’t safer, contrary to the statistics and the presentation given by the Interior Minister Horst Seehofer. According to Hess, the statistics do not “reflect the actual security situation in our country”. “The truth is: Germany is becoming increasingly insecure,” says Hess.

He strongly criticizes Interior Minister Horst Seehofer for having refused to explicitly talk about immigration violence in connection with statistics. This is the elephant in the room, which is “hidden by creating Politically Correct Taboo Topics”. (PCTT)

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10 Replies to “AfD politician and policeman busts the Merkel lie of public safety”

  1. Why is it every time I see a video of the Parliament of Germany most of the chairs are empty ? Why is Germany being allowed to start the Third World War ? As if starting the first two World Wars and being defeated wasn’t enough !! I think the answer is communism !! And now they have a partner in their attempt to control all of Europe….France !! France a country lead by another tyrant dictator, Macron !! The communist dictators of the world are using Islam and Muslim’s to bring about world communist domination !!

    • That is their plan. But there are already signs that its going the way of Iran. Which is to say once the host is unstable enouigh to knock over it will be the muslims not the leftists that control it.

      One data point, and only one, is that they are stopping commie sex ed in UK schools when muslims object instead of arresting the parents and taking the kids away when non-muslims object.

      • The European left is learning the truth in the old English saying of “When you pay Dane Guild how do you get rid of the Dane?”

        Western Europe will have to be liberated from the Islamic Invaders they invited into their nations. It will take time before we in North American can solve our own immigration problem and then convince the people we need to liberate Europe. Once the are free of the invaders I am willing to bet that they will lynch any politician that tries to outlaw private owned weapon and self defense.

        We will have to liberate France and Britain to prevent the Islamic Invaders getting their hands on the nuclear weapons both countries possess.

          • Several years at the soonest, we will have to get a better grip on our own problems and the problems in Canada before we can move to help Europe. Even then it will probably take the Islamic Invaders becoming even more open in their actions and the European politicians even more dictator like before we can get enough people to realize what is happening.

            The one thing that might speed this up is for the Islamic Invaders to gain control of the British and/or French nukes. If/when this happens it will be politically feasible for the US Government to send in people to seize or destroy the nukes.

            That is the best I can do, I know it isn’t what anyone wants to hear but it is my opinion.

            If you can do this without getting in trouble pull down and save all videos about making and repairing firearms and improvised weapons. They will probably be a big help in the future.

      • Commie sex ed was always a tripwire.
        That’s a red line for Orthodox Jews, they just pull their kids out of public schools.
        Tards won’t bother with such workarounds, they demand their entitlements. Headrag, footbath, halal. (Textbooks have to be rewritten so as to avoid offensive facts.)

    • The German Parliment has so many empty seats when people are talking because the people for those seats know that it it the EU that rules Germany not the German Parliment. Why set in those chairs listening when they can stay in their offices, collect their pay not have to listen people tell them what they have done to Germany.

  2. Horrific facts , what is this beautiful country became is heartbreaking, it’s kind of empty because this traitors idiots traitors, don’t want to listen to AFD to patriots, what is really happening, instead of this called them Nazis , extremists, this is big deep shit going on and I don’t think this patriots can do something to save the country and Europe in the same time

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