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4 Replies to “France to be conquered by Islam by Jihad -Palestinian cleric at Al Aqsa”

  1. So let me get this straight…..We allow these supremacists to infiltrate our government without the permission of the people? They call white people Supremacists but that allow these barbarians take over our country with the Notice from them that they have all the intentions on taking over the world. And the United States don’t see a problem here? Didn’t we destroy the Nazi Empire once before? Well I think we forgot the new Nazi Party called the Democratic Party which are filled with Foreign Socialists that want to Conquer OUR Country and the Americans have no peaceful way to question Islam, Socialists, and Communists in protest. So there is only one thing left is to destroy the part of government that is trying to take over the government and that is the democratic Party. Yep you pushed the people into a corner and wounded us, but now the wounded animal will come out fighting for it’s life, Expect us, we are coming for the Democrats, Socialists, Foreign infiltrators and the Nazi Supremacists called the Muslim Brotherhood. You will all soon be expelled from America.

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