Hamas Starts Yet Another War With Israel

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Our Israeli correspondent MC sent us this message from Sderot:

It looks bad here. Reserves are being called up and roads have been closed in the area.

The missile to the Sharon last night was a huge escalation. It was homemade and had a large warhead — with a GRAD type range. It looks as if Hamas has reverse engineered something with a range up to 100km.

Local events are being cancelled, and Hamas is talking up a provocation, but at the same time claiming that the missile was a ‘mistake’. That will be the second of such mistakes in the last few weeks — a missile was intercepted just South of Tel Aviv about a month ago.

There are even claims that the ‘mistake’ was caused by the weather:

Hamas: Rocket Launch May Have Been Caused by ‘Bad Weather’

A Hamas official denied Israel’s accusation that it was behind Monday’s rocket strike on a town in central Israel, north of Tel Aviv, Monday morning which wounded seven Israelis and led Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to vow a strong response.

“No one from the resistance movements, including Hamas, has an interest in firing rockets from the Gaza Strip towards the enemy,” the official told AFP on condition of anonymity, evoking the possibility that it may have been caused by “bad weather”…


The fake ‘mistake’ means that Hamas can claim that Israel is the aggressor and that any response is ‘disproportionate.

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6 Replies to “Hamas Starts Yet Another War With Israel”

  1. And of course, the big prize for Hamas is going to be when the Israelis start demolishing houses and they can force their children at gunpoint to stand on the roofs and hopefully get killed by the Israeli ordnance so they can cry, “Genocide! Racism! Aggression!” as the mainstream media laps it up and goes along with their bullshit narrative. What a bunch of lowlifes, eh? What kind of creeps actually think that is a good strategy? How low can you get than to use women and children as human shields? I am filled with disgust at Hamas and their like…

    • It’s bound to come home to those very media personages.
      Up close and personal. Of course they’ll blame the joooz, for all the good it’ll do.
      They will end up dhimmis, their kids will go zombie.

  2. Ms Gloom and Doom here: One of the side effects of an aggressor in the Middle East having homemade rockets like this is that it establishes a benchmark. What’s to prevent a hostile enclave from starting to shoot similar over North American borders? It’s easier to ignore the problem as a product of regional conflict than it is to acknowledge that the problem is how the conflict plays out: corrupt money in a totalitarian regime wants to intensify chaos and death to maintain control, so employs military strategies that are designed to assert power rather than take territory. Anything less than a world-wide repudiation ends up being a prelude to taking this kind of show on the road outside the Middle East.

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