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2 Replies to “Col. Richard Kemp on UN Gaza Protests Inquiry. March 18, 2019”

  1. Very few people who scream about what Israel does in self defense have any military experience. In fact they are generally p;roud they have never served and look down on the people wo have served.

  2. What’s being suggested by all and sundry is that which they dare not say. How, once again, just as during one of modern history’s very darkest hours, it’s time that the “Jews go quietly into the night.”

    However unspoken their squalid goal remains, Colonel Kemp limns out this genocidal malice by painting what it is not, and thereby limning out the barely concealed Antisemitism voiced by the paucity of their “suggestions”.

    Other than that, it’s the usual incredulity of a nation-at-war being forced to provide water and electricity to its genocidal enemy. By now, it’s merely ho-hum that, over and over again, Hamas gleefully herds (too often cooperative) Gaza civilians into the IDF’s line of fire.

    In his entirely unwarranted civility, Kemp uses the word, “encourage” instead “abet” to describe perpetual UN facilitation of Islamic terrorism. If one organization has buckets of “Palestinian” blood on their hands, it’s the United Nations.

    PS: The good Colonel wins extra points for sardonic humor.

    NOTE: So little has changed in the past decade. See:
    (Required Viewing)

    “The State of Human Rights at the United Nations” Statement of Hillel Neuer Executive Director, UN Watch, Geneva Before the Committee on Foreign Affairs House of Representatives United States Congress Briefing on The United Nations: Urgent Problems that Need Congressional Action, January 25, 2010

    (T = 00:05:20)

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