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4 Replies to “Selective enforcement now has overturned the 1st amendment”

  1. This is why I am an Originalist when defending the Constitution or insisting that the laws be enforced based on what they actually say. The Gun Control laws have always been about selective enforcement, now that they have so many people convinced that you can modify the Constitution by re-interpreting what the various sections mean the left is going after the rest of the Constitution.

    Wake up America if you don’t resist now we will lose all of our rights.

  2. Recently, Tim Pool had a chat with the head of Twitter and his chief censor. Here is his take on the lawsuit:

  3. I can see the possible harm that winning this law suit can do, but I have to say that the good will out weigh the evil. At least for a while, we don’t live in a perfect world so we don’t know how silicon valley will react to being ordered to play nice with everyone.

    • … we don’t know how silicon valley will react to being ordered to play nice with everyone.

      To answer this doesn’t even need any watching of the video clip. Its explanation is far too simple. Let’s set the WABAC Machine for 1954 when a visionary Buckminster Fuller invented his geodesic dome.

      It would be an understatement to note that there were an incredible variety of applications for this architectural sleight-of-hand. DEW Line radomes, greenhouses, arctic drilling rig habitats, EPCOT Centers, and thousands of other installations (although not the millions Fuller envisioned).

      The apocryphal tale goes that, upon being granted his £ü¢kïñg airtight utility patent, the inventor confidently predicted how—rather than pay his relatively modest licensing fees—the large corporations (e.g., Standard Oil, AT&T, etc.) would each spend outrageous sums to circumvent his intellectual property rights.

      Which every last one of them promptly did … only to discover that Fuller’s patent had all the hermiticity of a space suit.

      All of which puts in context what’s likely to happen if when Silicon Valley’s Tech Tyrants get called on the carpet for their Saccharine™ pretense of neutrality.

      Like Fuller’s big biz cheats, these Digital D!¢khêåds will spend their last Bitcoin on workarounds that provide whatever cynical fig leaf meets the minimum legal standards which prevent government prosecution.

      Other than that, as already has been seen, they will surreptitiously continue invasively violating personal privacy, compromising identities, activity profiling, editing with politically bias, unequally applying their own vigorously trumpeted policies, and continue unabated with every other last insult to human dignity that they’ve been at from the start.

      TLDR? They’ll only play nice with a gun to their head. Curiously, it’s the same exact way that their own black hat brigades like to deal with others.

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