At Trudeau’s behest, Gould instructed Google News to limit Canadian access to foreign press

From The Buffalo Chronicle 

In the days approaching former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould‘s testimony to the House of Commons’ Justice Committee on February 27, at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s behest, Karina Gould, the Minister of Democratic Institutions, reached out to social media giant Googleto pressure the firm to curtail political criticism of the Trudeau government on its platform.


Gould placed a call to a senior government relations executive at Google, during which she complained about ‘hate speech’ and ‘toxic rhetoric’, referring multiple times to specific criticisms of the Trudeau government that she found objectionable. She then threatened sweeping regulations that would require unprecedented disclosures of advertising sponsors.


The firm’s existing ad systems are not technologically capable of complying with Gould’s demand. It would require a months-long reconstruction of the software to meet the compliance requirements she laid out.


In response, the firm announced that it will not accept political advertising through the October elections. That disappointed Gould, who implored them to reconsider, even complaining to newsmedia that, “they have enormous financial and technical resources… they can get this done.” […]

Please read Spencer Fernando for Canadian material like this whenever you can.


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2 Replies to “At Trudeau’s behest, Gould instructed Google News to limit Canadian access to foreign press”

  1. I genuinely believe from the bottom of my heart that Justin Trudeau is a fool who is doing nothing but harm toward my beloved country and I don’t appreciate being relegated to the “Hate speech” bin just for saying what I honestly think. I know, I know, they think people like me are secret Neo-Nazis out to gas another six-million Jews and that my opinions are all fake and my only goal is hate for hate’s sake, but I assure you I really do think Trudeau is a dangerous and immoral virtue-signaling bozo, it’s not just a cover for being a troll and a bad person.

    How can they think they are doing the right thing by silencing my honestly held opinion? They are truly the Nazis here…

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