President Trump response to the cowardly and oddly non-relevant cancelation of Judge Janine

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2 Replies to “President Trump response to the cowardly and oddly non-relevant cancelation of Judge Janine”

  1. This may explain why Judge Jeanine was removed.

    Did Saudi Prince Buy Fox News’ Silence?
    Feb 17

    Written by: Diana West
    Friday, February 17, 2012 7:42 AM

    This week’s syndicated column:

    Have you heard about the 23-year-old Saudi journalist who tweeted an imaginary conversation with Muhammad? It went something like this: He loved Muhammad, he hated Muhammad, he couldn’t understand Muhammad, he wasn’t going to pray for Muhammad. If this isn’t exactly a disquisition on faith and doubt a la “The Brothers Karamazov,” remember, we’re just talking Twitter.

    If you haven’t heard of this young man, whose name is Hamza Kashgari, it could be because you’re watching too much Fox News. As of this writing, almost a week after the Kashgari story broke, I haven’t found a single story about it at the Fox News website. (You try.) Meanwhile, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC and CNN have all reported the Kashgari story, clueing in their viewers on how far totalitarian Islam, Saudi style, will go to exert its control over the human spirit. But not Fox.

    Say — you don’t suppose the fact that Prince Alwaleed bin Talal owns the second-largest block of stock (7 percent) in News Corp., Fox News’ parent company, not to mention a new $300 million stake in Twitter (almost 4 percent), has anything to do with Fox’s silence on this Saudi black eye of a story? After all, it was Saudi dictator King Abdullah — Alwaleed’s uncle — whom press accounts credit with ordering the tweeting journalist’s hot pursuit and imprisonment. And it is Saudi Arabia’s adherence to Islamic limits on free speech that is driving Kashgari’s ordeal.

  2. Go trump go
    Return judge Jeanine
    Love ya both
    Still wearing my red cap
    After being physically abused, harassed
    By Saudi islamics
    I had your name embroidered on the cap
    Just in case some of those fucked up lefties
    Or islamics were colour blind
    Fuck the Muslim brotherhood
    Fuck CAIR
    Fuck migration
    Fuck the useless UN outdated
    Fuck the ghettoized refugee immigrant enclaves

    Get those fuckin saudis out before it’s too late
    In Canada they own all our historic sites
    Major shareholders in Fairmont
    So sad
    We refuse to legislate Foreign ownership
    And if Diana is correct in her stats
    They are already putting pressure on the conservative voice

    Do what you can,
    Talk about it
    Refuse to be served in public by anyone wearing
    Backward religious costumes
    Sign petitions
    Get in touch with your mpp, MP, mla,
    Refuse to comply

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