Antisemitic CBC reports on “Claims” that “militants” fired rockets at Tel Aviv

In its classic racist and antisemitic fashion, the CBC spins an undeclared attack on a civilian city with rockets as a “claim” by militants. Which I guess is better than the BBC which appears to be waiting for Israel to respond so they can publish how Brutal Israel is.

Israeli news reported that Islamic Jihad was likely the source. So “Hamas denies responsibility” is so spun its fake news.

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5 Replies to “Antisemitic CBC reports on “Claims” that “militants” fired rockets at Tel Aviv”

  1. My unposted thought yesterday: The last time I recall when the springtime Jewish holiday of Purim coincided with topsy-turvy (seemingly nonsensical upside-down reality) news was when the Feds shutdown, but Bill and Monica stayed at the office. News seems more absurd than usual: Manafort, Brexit and EU revelations, Temple Mount claims of sovereignty . Man plans, God laughs. El hombre propone, Dios dispone.

    • The Boeing crashes, the talking palmtree Ihlan Omar, ridiculous climate claims by US pres candidate Robert/Beto– like truth is taking a vacation.

  2. the talking palmtree Ihlan Omar

    That’s right up there with describing Occasional-Cortex as an “airborne locomotive”. In the Socialist spirit of interchangeable parts, either one could go by either name.

    It’s kind of like a really annoying toy poodle. You can call it a “dog in a rat suit” or a “rat in a dog suit”, and everything works just fine no matter what.

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