Iranian apostate in Denmark faces court, loss of child for showing famous Moroccan jihad video on SM

An original translation by Tania Groth with many thanks!

Source: Berlingske.Dk

The author and blogger Jaleh Tavakoli is charged with sharing the execution video from Morocco: Now Social Services have determined that they will remove her 8-year-old foster child

Jaleh Tavakoli has been formally charged for sharing the video that shows the brutal execution of one of the two women who were killed during a holiday in Morocco. This is why Social Services have chosen to remove Jaleh Tavakoli’s and her husband’s eight-year-old foster child.

The author and blogger Jaleh Tavakoli and her husband received a letter in the husband’s e-box, which, they themselves say, sent the couple into a state of shock.

They had to read the electronic letter five times before they could completely comprehend its contents.

“Your approval as a family of care will cease,” the 2.5-page A4 letter from Social Services reads, explaining why Jaleh Tavakoli and her husband are no longer fit to have their eight-year-old foster child in their care.

“We could not believe it or take it seriously. It was a shock for us. It was really difficult reading,” says Jaleh Tavakoli.

The letter states that on Thursday the 7th Social Services became aware, through the press, that Jaleh Tavakoli had been charged with a violation of section 264 d, paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code for sharing a video from the social media site Reddit, which shows the death of Danish Louisa Vesterager Jespersen in Morocco in December 2018. Information that both the authorities and Jaleh herself have confirmed.

Social Services have assessed that Jaleh Tavakoli and her husband do not have the necessary quality to have children in care, as they have had in the last eight years.

“As an approved family, it is a special task to take care of children with special needs, so there may not be any significant question about the morals or ethics of the family,” one reads in the letter.

A poor role-model

Social Services cite as reasons that it could be problematic for the foster child that Jaleh Tavakoli has been charged with “a serious crime” after Tavakoli shared the video, and also her participation in the public debate.

“It’s a discussion and a consideration that a child does not enjoy being involved in — and by your making it public you are forcing your foster child into the discussion. When your face and your opinions are clearly shown on, for example, Danmarks Radio [TV channel] and on other media, it cannot be avoided that the foster child’s friends, parents and others become aware of this. It is our opinion that you are putting your foster child into a serious situation as the child’s loyalty to you and the egregiousness of the act for which you are charged are incompatible,” can additionally be read in the letter.

Furthermore, one can read that Tavakoli’s behavior on social media can cause “serious doubts in a child about how one acts in the digital world,” and that Tavakoli is not acting as a digital role-model for her foster child.

On top of Tavakoli’s political engagement in the public debate, they consider it an aggravating circumstance that she has shared a video that, according to the Authority, “can create doubts about your (Tavakoli’s) judgment in relation to your role as an acceptable foster family.”

A further aggravating circumstance is that the family already lives at a protected address because of threats and harassment, and that Tavakoli, despite this fact, continues with “a massive public exposure, including the sharing of the video in question, which can be traced back to you and ultimately your foster child.” These facts are considered incompatible with the responsibility of foster care,” the letter reads.

In the public interest

Jaleh Tavakoli has not yet been to court for sharing the video, and she explains that she found the link to the video of the killing on the social media site “Reddit”, and found the link to the video on the media Newsspeak, which she then shared on one of her Facebook-profiles. According to her own statement, she posted it without watching and only watched it later.

She know however that it was a video of the murder, as that was clear from the Newsspeak article.

“I hate watching this type of material, and I hate sharing stuff like this as well. However, for me, it was in the public interest. I felt compelled to share it because I have, on several different occasions, been referred to a conspiracy theorist. There was something in the video, that we had not been informed of by the public Danish media. We knew that the women were found decapitated, but otherwise there was no description of the acts.” says Jaleh Tavakoli, pointing out that Danish media “also show similar material in various formats that can also be said to exhibit people in difficult situations.”

“I don’t understand the difference. I did not imagine that I would violate any law or that it would have any consequences. Other similar images of the Holocaust and the Vietnam War have also been shown to document what has happened,” she says.

Jaleh Tavakoli hopes that “the responsible politicians in the City of Copenhagen, in Parliament, and also the Minister of Social Affairs, will go into the matter to safeguard our child’s security and continuity of upbringing.”




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8 Replies to “Iranian apostate in Denmark faces court, loss of child for showing famous Moroccan jihad video on SM”

  1. Same happend with the Iranian AFD member Laileh,she was convicted and must payed for showing a vid.

    But TV Stations can show everything…

  2. If the child is taken from her part of her gravy train comes to a screeching halt. Foster families get PAID to care for a child. The article also mentions that they live in “protected” housing. That is also subsidized.
    I suppose she thought no one would ever call her on her activism. I guess she was wrong.
    And, in this instance, I agree with the State. If you post a snuff video on your Facebook page
    you are not fit to foster a child.

    • If you post a snuff video on your Facebook page
      you are not fit to foster a child.

      Regardless, I still hope Jaleh Tavakoli gets some kid contact. Preferably in the form of a dark alley meeting with some twitchy-fingered, meth-fried, Ashbal al-Khilafa child soldier.

  3. I don’t agree with Babs and others.
    Firstly, I think that sharing the video is not a serious crime, it may be a crime but not so serious that it may necessitate to take the children from their foster parents.
    Secondly, Jaleh and others who were sharing this video (14 people in all , 2 of them children) may not have been aware of the law or of the ramification of the above law. The law come into being recently and Denmark police say they do not have to take into account whether someone had criminal intent when sharing harmful images online in order to charge them. Jaleh shared the video because she thought it was in public interest for people to know what exactly happened.
    Thirdly, Jaleh and her husband have been that girl’s foster parents nearly from her birth, That is they have been her foster parents for the last 8 years. They also want to adopt her. I am pretty sure they are not doing it for money. because she and her husband are quite well off.
    Yes, they live in protected housing, but they live there not because they want it, but because of the threats to their life. It is not their fault that in Europe and elsewhere someone who no longer believe in Islam and is in public eyes have to be protected because of the threats. It is not their fault that followers of Islam who immigrated to the West now threaten apostates.
    Fourthly, If the girl has been with Jaleh and her husband for the last 8 years, it would be much worse for her to change the foster parents now.

    • I respectfully disagree. Migrant sexual predators in Europe know that what they are doing would get them KILLED in their native lands. The same goes for this Islamic propaganda.

      It is doubtful in the extreme that Jaleh and her husband simply were enured to rebroadcasting graphic images of human slaughter after experiencing endless episodes of it whilst growing up.

      This is a case of Justice Stewart’s, “I Know It When I See It”. Circulating a supposedly unwatched decapitation video meets that criteria. It’s a scummy business in $h!thølé Iran and it’s a scummy business in idyllic Denmark.

      It’s better to remove an eight-year-old girl from such Islamic filth now than finding out later she’s had her genitalia removed for not watching enough beheading clips.

    • I stand by my remarks.
      Posting a snuff video is sick in the extreme and, IMO, it doesn’t matter whether that is illegal or not or what your “motivation” is.
      Western culture has become numb to reasonable norms and is continuously defending the indefensible.
      That some wish to excuse that is part of the disease and, I don’t care how many actually viewed this video from this Facebook page.
      Stand back and take a look at where we are. Defending someone that posts a snuff video and then goes on radio/TV to talk about it thereby putting the child in danger? Really?
      I really hope the state can find a reasonable family to take over the care of this child.

  4. Hiding from reality does not make it less real. It makes those that will not face it weak. I have seen more than my share of what evil goes on in this world and I have seen enough. So I choose not to look…not to bear witness to it anymore. But I am a witness to it so I know, and I also know I choose not to view because I am free. I did not watch this video from Morocco because I know.I chose to know because I decided to know, not because someone said I could or couldn’t. Live free and be real. This that I chose to know is a burden and I will carry it forever because I choose to know. It makes me sad and I feel the sorrow. I watched the terrible terrorist video from New Zealand today. I feel the same way about the guy that did that as I do about so many other terrorists that do the same thing . It doesn’t matter what building they are in, or what religion they are. Do not become the thing you are fighting against !!

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