Toronto: Why is the RCMP trying to recruit at a Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Mosque?

From The Post Millennial

Canadians need to have faith in the institutions designed to protect them, and at least one recent development will not help the RCMP’s credibility. On March 1st, 2019 the RCMP held a recruitment session at Masjid Toronto, a mosque that is a part of the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), a group that openly affiliates itself as inspired by the Muslim Brotherhood.


Their mere presence at Masjid Toronto should raise eyebrows considering the mosque’s recent controversies.

This is where Aymen Elkasrawy was caught on video leading a prayer that incited violence and hatred against multiple groups.  Here is an excerpt.

The article continues to include some of the text from the following video:

Here is the announcement of theRCMP recruiting announcement from this exact mosque:

Here are the posts with the Toronto Star attempts to mitigate the effects of exposing this much Islamic antisemitism to daylight:

Toronto Star explains he didn’t really mean what he meant and we are horrible for noticing he said it

Toronto Star and imam double down on denial


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5 Replies to “Toronto: Why is the RCMP trying to recruit at a Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Mosque?”

  1. Things keep going from bad to worse in Canada, I keep praying you can solve these problems on your own but actions like this are making this unlikely.

  2. LOL! Dutch police has been trying to recruit muslims for over 40 years, Canadians should learn from their mistakes.
    It’s very difficult, because a muslim recruit will be cut off by his friends, maybe even family. They all hate police (the whole state, really), for obvious reasons.
    Whenever I read about a mole in the police force (also border security, intelligence service, military) I assume it’s a muslim. Press suppresses the identity of such people, but it comes out sooner or later and 9 out of 10 times I’m right.
    I can think of a dozen cases off the top of my head. Links with organized crime, tip-offs to extremist mosques before they’re raided, leaking information about security of politicians, guiding containers full of drugs through customs etc. Two defectors who left the military to join ISIS, one of them an airforce officer.

    • I can think of a dozen cases off the top of my head.

      Do you mean like the way that Pakistan’s ISI knowingly aided and abetted in bin Laden’s flight and sheltering from post-911 prosecution?

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