CENTCOM Chief: March 2 2019, on ISIS surrender as tactic

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  1. This is going to keep happening until we decide to act against Islam, not the jihadists but Islam. The least we should do is buy all dead jihadists wrapped in fresh pig skins.

  2. What we are seeing now is not the surrender of ISIS as an organization, but a calculated decision to preserve the safety of their families and preservation of their capabilities

    It staggers the mind to think that anyone who can fog a mirror—much less this nation’s highest military or political leadership—views Islam’s global presence in anything other than this light.

    Shrewd Islamic cynicism regularly pays short term dividends that confound all foes, stupefying even the most nuanced of stripey-pantsed diplomats. Few, if any, pause to consider how the low-cunning of this Iron Age strategy gleefully subverts all available modern power tools naïvely placed in their hands (even as it consigns entire populations to utter destitution).

    Fewer Muslims still bother to reflect upon how this willful abuse of Western largess can only seed permanent and irrevocable distrust.*

    * Words like “permanent” and “irrevocable” being overly polite ways to describe the downstream retribution awaiting such monumental deceit.

    This circles back to what Islam easily considers one of Western Civilization’s most readily and viciously weaponized traits: That of giving someone the benefit of the doubt.

    Such interpersonal optimism is unwarranted and centuries of Islamic perfidy (at even its most basic level of taqiyya) forbids all further trust. Just a cursory understanding of hudna* furnishes instantaneous proof that any “coexistence” with Islam amounts to dar al ‘ahd,—a domain of treaty partners who, while not at war, find no peace with the other except as a matter of either convenience or necessity.

    * See – “‘Hudna:’ Neither a truce nor cease fire“, by David Bedein

    To close: Social Contract for me, but not for thee.

    Words to live by. Hypocrisy to die by.

  3. “Kiss-the-Koran” McMasters and the DoD under Mattis was tard-o-phile. The top layer of political military/intel that advanced under 0 remained in place, and PTrump’s election didn’t change anything.

    A couple months ago there were a few resignations. But the personnel managing Mesopotamia and the Levant remains confused and operates at cross purposes. We’re staggering between mollifying the Turk and making noises at Iran. Neither takes us seriously.

    NATO Member Turkey Announces Joint Military Operation With Iranian Regime Against Kurdish Fighters

    Turkey and Iran are planning joint military operations against the Kurdish PKK, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu announced Wednesday, according to the Anadolu state news agency.

    If the operation goes ahead, it will mark the first time that troops from Turkey, a NATO member, will have joined with the military of a regime whose official slogan is “Death to America.”


    • Erdogan is reckless and out of touch, but this is a new level of crazy.
      He’s playing a dangerous game, and one day he’s going to bite off more than he can chew. I don’t know what will happen then, being kicked outof NATO seems unthinkable. But if he keeps this crap up.. cutting power to Incirlik US airbase, buying weapons systems from Russia, joining up with Iranian military, there may be no alternative.

    • “Kiss-the-Koran” McMasters and the DoD under Mattis was tard-o-phile.

      During midsummer 2017 I shared an assignment with one of the Vietnam era’s first woman electronics technical military specialists. An appealingly intelligent person she, in turn, had done post-war work at the Hoover Institution with McMaster himself.

      This was right around the time H.R. was doing his princely, bemedaled, butt-snorkeling best to out-fellate 0bama as Islam’s newest and toadiest @ss-kïssér in chief.

      This gal categorically refused to believe that “such an honest man of so much integrity” could blow America’s avowed blood enemy harder than Satchmo on a Selmer.

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