Grenoble event

Grenoble France: Two muslim kids on a scooter with no lights, no helmets and no licence plate got themselves between a bus and a bridge barrier at night where they then died.

Their fellow muslims have had the city of Grenoble on fire for three solid days now because of it.

There will be videos and articles on this as soon as we can do them.

Thank you M. and all the people who sent in materials on this.

This looks like a redux of the 2005 riots because of two other muslim youths that hid in an electrical transformer station from police where they self electrocuted and caused two months worth of riots by muslims across the entire nation.

Grenoble March 4 19:

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  1. How many mozlems have lost an eye or have been injured through police action?We have two different methods of dealing with unrest,the first let the wogs do as they please,the second for white indigenous people is rubber bullets,water cannon,and batons,flash grenades and thousands arrested,banned from the internet.The laws of medes and Persians,before our very eyes.

  2. It appears as though there’s been a terrible misunderstanding in all of this. Westerners continue to think that Muslims are enraged over the fact that some of their own managed to fall afoul of Western elements. Even if these menaces merely happen to be inanimate objects like substation transformers or bridge barriers.

    What really frosts their little halal cocktail wieners is something else entirely and, as is so often the case, typically incomprehensible to most Infidel minds. It’s a matter of opportunities lost and futures too different for many believers to willingly bear.

    These permanently changed life outcomes are a source of deepest grief. They represent a loss to Muslim communities that never can be made up, not even with the blood and bones of kuffar innocents.

    Worst of all, there’s nothing that non-Islamic neighbors can do to assuage the profound mourning that is brought forth in such cases. Nothing that they can do, say or otherwise hope to express will ever compensate for one simple, unavoidable fact that always will inflame their delicate sensibilities beyond all endurance. It’s quite simply this:

    We didn’t give Muslims their divinely ordained right to kill those kids themselves.

    There you have it. A truly unforgivable offense, if ever there was one.

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