President Trump draws the lines well

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3 Replies to “President Trump draws the lines well”

  1. There ia a separation of powers for a reason. Her colleagues acquiescence is troubling enough that constituents notice!

  2. PTrump misspoke: A dark day for Israel!

    The President said “Israel” instead of “J E W”.
    The dual-loyalty canard is millennia older than the modern State of Israel. It’s as old as calling out shadowy forces that “hypnotize the world”. Jew-hate is despicable, shameful.

    But that’s not the worst of it.
    Her slur was directed at AMERICANS, legislators for the American people in the interests of the U.S.A. To divide us along identity lines she presumes to draw for us.

    It’s a sad day for AMERICA!

    It’s obvious she knows nothing about American Jews, who mostly vote Democrat. They backed 0, as friendly to Israel as Titus. This isn’t about Israel.

    The Demon-Barbies sink their teeth into wedge issues to damage OUR political system. Sow division, shred collegial politesse with vile obscenity, make the intolerable commonplace. Call a black Republican staffer a “prop” for PTrump, same as a “house n-[word]”.

    • Ok, I just listened to the clip.
      The tweet missed the mark, but his comment was direct.
      You’ve got to see where these devils are trying to take us.

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