Communists only close borders when they are trying to stop aid getting to their starving

In a stunning, and yet consistent with ideology, display of totalitarian psychopathy to his own people, Venezuela’s maduro, hanging on to power by the blood and treasure of others, has fired on civilians trying to allow aid to enter the country via Brazil.

Quite fascinating how leftists want borders destroyed to let in everything bad to democratic nations, yet once they trash the place with their communist/postmodern failures, they want the border closed to make sure no one can benefit from systems that actually produce wealth.

From the Daily Mail:

Two people have been killed and 12 injured after Venezuelan troops opened fire on civilians trying to keep a border checkpoint open for aid deliveries.


Troops arrived at a checkpoint set up by an indigenous community in Kumarakapai, on Venezuela’s southern border with Brazil early this morning.


But when civilians tried to block a convoy of tanks, soldiers opened fire killing two people including a woman named as Zorayda Rodriguez, 42, and wounding 12 others. 

Gran Sabana Mayor Emilio Gonzalez said soldiers fired rubber bullets and tear gas and the injured people were taken for medical treatment.


But pictures and video footage taken by a Brazilian journalist appears to show bullet casings taken from the scene along with medics treating people covered in blood from wounds to their legs. 


The villagers are believed to have been trying to keep open a section of the border so that aid could be moved into the area from Brazil. President Nicolas Maduro ordered the frontier with the country shut yesterday and is now considering shutting the border with Colombia. 

Hopefully videos will appear soon that can be added to this post. For the moment, its just Youtube talking heads with their own analysis and no more information that the above.

But let’s hope someone has a drone overhead and releases a little footage.


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3 Replies to “Communists only close borders when they are trying to stop aid getting to their starving”

    “Grocery shelves lie empty as food becomes increasingly scarce” in Venezuela, the UK Independent weeps. The country’s shops remain open but “sparsely stocked,” The Guardian laments. Even “basic commodities” such as toothbrushes aren’t available for purchase, CNN bemoans. “Hungry” Venezuelans must choose between “torture or starvation,” Bloomberg grimly concludes. Mainstream media coverage of Venezuela gives the impression that President Nicolas Maduro is slowly starving his own people – a narrative which, as journalist Max Blumenthal found after surveying a massive supermarket in Caracas, is wildly deceptive.

    • How do we know WHERE and WHEN these photos were taken?
      They could be in Venezuela, and recent, but at a ‘Party Elite’ Store, where no hoi polloi peasants are allowed into.
      Cuba did that, and Castro had the equivalent of $900 Million American DOLLARS!
      Yes, Forbes estimates Fidel’s fortune to be $900 million!

  2. The photos strike as being in a store for the elite that is well guarded to keep the starving people out. Note how the there are no other shoppers in the pictures.

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