ANTIFA tries to block Yellow Vest Trucker convoy on way to Ottawa with zero success

There is a lot to say about this. A major convoy of trucks from across Canada are headed to Ottawa to protest a very similar laundry list of complaints as we see in France and elsewhere. The media is trying to contain it all as about a pipeline so they can protect their precious globalist narrative. But its also about the UN migration pact and Trudeau’s Neo-Marxist policies and actions, even if it isn’t exactly phrased that way.

And the proof? Why else would ANTIFA be protesting and trying to stop the truckers? It isn’t like they have ever shown any environmental leanings based on how they treat wherever they are.

Look for coverage of the Yellow Vest Convoy when they make it to Ottawa on the 19th of February, Tuesday of this coming week. Although I wouldn’t try driving downtown. I suspect with that many big rigs in a city like Ottawa you will need a unicycle with a snow tire to get anywhere.

The Rebel has this page up but be patient it loads SLOWLY which suggests more that it is under attack than its hammered with views. Im sure their page is robust enough to handle the views.

Convoy in Winnipeg

Rebel footage of ANTIFA outside of Winnipeg



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3 Replies to “ANTIFA tries to block Yellow Vest Trucker convoy on way to Ottawa with zero success”

  1. We are ‘fuc**d”.
    Ralph Goodale considers Far-Right more dangerous than Antifa. If he really believes that, imagine what the RCMP think since RCMP are among one of his sources of info.

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