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    • RT- Acte 14 : «Nos politiques ont enfin pris conscience de la situation sur le terrain»

      Entretien du 16/02/2019 avec Alexandre Langlois, secrétaire général du syndicat de police VIGI. Il était invité à réagir à l’acte 14 de la mobilisation des Gilets jaunes ce 16 février.

  1. What did the leftists think was going to happen when the people saw that they were becoming an invisible minority within their own countries? Did they think they could just quietly slip it by? What happens if all those “ethnic” people turn out to not like white French people very much and decide to take their vengeance on them the minute their numbers pass fifty percent? And how do the British like the idea of London itself becoming a no-go zone for descendants of King Arthur and Robin Hood? Did they think people would just laugh it off and order another pint?

    • Yes Chris that is what the left thought and to a very large extent still thinks. As far as they are concerned the non leftists are too stupid to know what to do without a leftist to tells what and how to do everything including wipe our a$$e$</strike noses.

      They stopped teaching history so we (the little people) wouldn't know that resistance is possible but the unintended consequence of that is that they (the left) also forgot that resistance is possible. There are enough people in all of the western nations who iknow that resistance is possible to lead a successful rebellion. The problem is the timing has to be right,

      The French people are showing the rest of Europe that they too can rebel, this has to have the European politicians shaking in their boots every time they leave the house. They are beginning to see the future that I saw long ago, the Europeans have gotten desperate and are reverting to the people who conquered the world. Then they gave up their Empires when it seemed the think to do, now they are getting ready to show the self proclaimed elite how the Empires were conquered and how the various rebellions (mainly the French one) were won.

      It is almost impossible to over estimate the stupidity of the leftist politicians, the only reason they managed to gain so much power is because the voters weren't paying attention to what was happening. We in the US woke up soon enough to elect Trump but that is partially because we can see what the left is doing to the rest of the Western Nations.

  2. The people have two choices: either risk lose an eye/limb or wait a few weeks for another massive march.

    The basic cost of living has gone up. And this is recent.

    Notice the people of the ‘banlieues’, aka predominantly Muslim, are real quiet.

    The White European ‘de Souche’ are taking back control of their country, although it is very subtle. They should wait a few weeks before another march because now, it’s becoming too repetitious and going nowhere.

    Good note: other JG have started in small numbers forming in other towns.

    • That the banlieues are so quiet should be screaming in headlines everywhere.
      ~ ~ The media is the enemy of the people. ~ ~
      I don’t care if the devil himself said it first. Right now it’s simply _fact_.

    • Notice the people of the ‘banlieues’, aka predominantly Muslim, are real quiet.

      And the natives aren’t restless for exactly what reason?

      • Cowed by law enforcement that has finally bared its fangs and suddenly making them realize that they don’t want to provoke the flics while they’re still in practice?

      • Deeply worried that the government will be toppled and all their Social Benefits will dry up like autumn leaves?

      • Too busy sipping mint tea on their balconies and chortling with glee as the citoyens get the pâté beaten out of them?

      • Waiting for the police to run low on ammunition before starting their own special brand of festivities?

      They should wait a few weeks before another march because now, it’s becoming too repetitious and going nowhere.

      That is a difficult call. Showing up every damn week creates an impression of permanence—as in: Permanently draining the entire security services budget—that conveys some serious foreboding and ominosity (i.e., a $5.00 word for “scariness”). Plus, however welcome a respite might be, continuing to apply relentless pressure is a surefire way of getting the mule’s attention.

      Even if the presse is traitorously silent (as usual).

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