President Trump tweeted this short video from his SOTU

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you all that Youtube, or a group of leftist activists, have been busily going through every one of the video on my channel and mass reporting them.

As a consequence my channel now has had multiple videos restricted in various ways, and highly, highly benign videos I might add.  Normally I hear from Youtube a few times a year. But I have had well over a dozen emails from them in the past 30 hours or so.

Clearly this is activism at work. The videos being censored or restricted etc. contain no violence or harsh language but just ideas the left does not approve of.

My suspicion is coordinated mass reporting and Youtube is siding with them, as their is literally hundreds of thousands of videos that would be way over the line for Youtube if these ones are, or are even close to it.

So for those that value the work of this team of translators and editors, I would recommend you download any and all videos you feel are important and upload them to your own channels, Facebook acct., LiveLeak or Bitchute channel or wherever you feel it would be seen. I doubt they are finished with us yet.


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9 Replies to “President Trump tweeted this short video from his SOTU”

  1. Self-haters, Betas, Dhimmis and Froze.
    Remove all the wisdom in front of their nose.
    Prideful, Deniers, Entitled, Fake Clothes
    The story of Jesus where this goes.

      • One word and it scans…

        There once was a man from Japan
        Whose limericks no one could scan
        When he was asked why
        He would simply reply

      • Yucki, When on the move and quickly tapping away, a word in the head gets lost instead and what comes out is all disarray.

        The Jesus-story is where this goes.

        Those who serve their devils are kept happy as long as they inflict pain onto others. The Muslims being the boss, The Pronouns being accepted, the Socialists their virtue.

        Their inner Jesus inflicts the pain right back at them.

  2. For the left to attack us like that means they think we are doing a good job of getting our ideas out, they have to stop this because when there is a free debate in the arena of ideas the left loses.

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