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3 Replies to “German Yellow Vest Protests have a clear and important message”

  1. Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.

    Germany, France and the US all have radical leftists talking about driving bans, and they are doing it at the same time. They are all working to some timetable that we don’t have, we don’t have it but we must resist their actions and mess up their timing.

    We have to find some way to make them react to us instead of us reacting to them.

  2. Germany is done , finished, they woke up too late , they should get rid of Merkel in 2015 , when she open the door for almost 2 million Muslim horders , and. Now we’ll now Germany becoming a shithole , Islamic state slowly but surely, what’s wrong with Germans? I tough they are smart , intelligent people, something is definitely wrong , if they keep voting for the same traitors in government, very sad for generations to come ..

    • No European nation is done, they can all be saved if they fight. the problem is most of them are disarmed making the revolt bloodier then people want. Eventually Western Europe will be liberated from the Islamic Invaders. The question is will the Europeans liberate themselves or will it require liberation by other nations. We in North America need a free and independent Europe as much as they need a free adn independent North America. This is a fact that way too many people are unwilling to accept. It is a case of fight them in Europe while we can get Eastern European Nations to help uw or fight them in North America on our own.

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