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6 Replies to “Woman ARRESTED For Misgendering Transwoman On Twitter”

        • Yes — I watched the right videos. I typed it in and found it with posts — I guess it’s just some web code in the linking that does that on my browser (Safari)

          • Sometimes the wrong videos play in a post compared to the code that was actually entered. Changing browsers helps or refreshing.

            Our own videos will be coming from bitchute or bit.tube now. I have no idea what problems we will encounter from this new tech yet, but I ask that people please leave a comment with observations about the videos as soon as they see them, especially if there is a problem.

            Bit.tube is the ONLY non-centralized video sharing platform and it uses real bit torrenting tech. Its fully OPEN SOURCE so although it may trigger some alarms what it does is there for all to see.

            There is no malicious code in it, but it does employ some of your system/browser resources to help other people see the video. This has no cost to you, but it does mean that we may be able to get away from Big Brother, as this is for real, digital Samizdat.


  1. Orwell predicted it. When it becomes illegal to state the truth, viz “the emperor has no clothes”, then the nation has entered a dystopian state.

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