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9 Replies to “Nicolai Sennels on the state of Sweden:”

  1. NATO won’t help (or perhaps NATO member, Turkey – Turkey? What is it doing still in this organization? – will come to the assistance of the muslim gangs – buf nof the native Swedes.. The Turks being a member of NATO has long since ceased to make any sense, with the ending of the Cold War and the decline of that nation from a secular state to just another islamic hellhole..) With regard to other NATO members – they”re all, to various extents, involved in similar internal struggles resulting from mass migration and
    other progressive, Marxist policies. They must each individually win those battles to be of any help to others. This includes the US. But there are signs of progress – Italy, for example, and of course, the miracle that is President Trump.

  2. Sweden will have to fight and kill the muslims on their own. If they don’t, they will perish in slavery. It is the way history works. You have to be as stupid as a swede to have sympathy for Sweden as they marched smuggly with eyes wide open into this nightmare.

  3. “Russia warns Sweden it will face military action if it joins Nato”
    by Zachary Davies Boren – June 19, 2015

    “What if the Plan Was?”
    Russia’s central strategic problem is NATO. Russia must break the back of NATO. But how?
    By JR Nyquist – February 25, 2018


    Russia craves a right-wing Europe as badly as it craves a left-wing America. That is the essence of Moscow’s strategy. In this way a split can be generated, and NATO can be broken.

  4. Everybody please visit the YT site of this video. The comments are [ahem] boisterous.

    If someone could download the screen shots or whatever is necessary to capture the viewer remarks, that might be of great value. For whatever reasons, Niccolai may not be able to and I’m sure he’d like to see the results.

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