Standing against the violence in our Streets.  We demand the politicians to act!

This past weekend, the Train of Horror visited Düsseldorf. The title of the video is as listed above.

We subtitled a previous manifestation of this protest of islamic and immigrant rape and murder of German citizens a week or so ago, which now shows over a third of a million views despite Youtube’s careful manipulation of our recorded views:

Thank you MissPiggy

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2 Replies to “Standing against the violence in our Streets.  We demand the politicians to act!”

  1. Both videos came up without anything else — no share or anything. Everything was whited out. I can copy the url and paste it to FB but no share button or comments or the usual other videos on the side.
    I can go to YouTube direct and everything is normal.

  2. All Western Nations are fighting an asymmetric civil war, the problems is only one side is fighting and attacking, the governments in the West are telling their people to surrender rather then fight back. We are fighting a multi-sided civil war and our governments have sided with the enemies who are trying to destroy the west.

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