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4 Replies to “President Trump URGENT Presser, Border security, Iran, NORK and more”

    • Democrat urban machine was always tight with organized crime. Eventually LBJ brought in the urban plantation model as the block-vote base. It’s updating to the MB model.

      • It wouldn’t take much digging to discover several historical examples of this type of alliance between the corrupt politicians and organized crime. The one that springs to mind is the Irish Mob in NYC and their delivering massive numbers of votes to the politicians who protected them from the police. This relationship is how New York’s much vaunted Sullivan law was passed, some of the Italian and Jewish immigrants were taking the Second Amendment to heart and were buying pistols and sawed off Shotguns to resist the protection shake down by the Irish Mob. This in turn caused Italian and Jewish people to band together and sell protection against the Irish Mob. Those Mob wars aren’t as famous as the ones during Prohibition but they were the place that the Mobs of Prohibition learned to organize and fight. Unlike the Irish Mob I have never heard of the Italian or Jewish Mobs mixing into politics except to buy the politicians. Of course I don’t often live in the Big Cities so this might have slipped past me.

        • The Irish controlled the political machine, protected the Italian mobsters.
          There was an important international dimension: open support for the IRA, arms trafficking, sheltering fugitives, etc.

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