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6 Replies to “Armed customer prevents tragedy during robbery, saves state a fortune”

  1. I spent $60 here thinking it was a legitimate offer. Nothing was ever sent.
    Where is the product? Why haven’t you sent anything for my $60?

    • First of all, very clever nick.
      Well done!
      Unfortunately, because you didn’t use your real name I have no way of checking on when you bought one, or when it should be there.

      But I can tell you that every week as many as we can make go in the mail, and everyone who ordered one after the IW (Thank you again Alex!) should have it by mid to late February. And I do apologize for the delay, but these are hand finished and we can only make them so fast and maintain the quality.

      If you don’t mind being patient another week or two, you should have it. But if you prefer, ask PayPal for a refund and Ill process it right away. But let me know who you are so I can cancel your order.

  2. Sheesh! What’s with Covington? (Why do these coves get to have all the fun? Grumble, grumble.)

    Where next is the news going to be from, Covington, Washington? Covington, Loiusiana? Covington bloody, Cambridgeshire?!?

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