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    • The alchoholic brother was only a threat to himself and therefore offended no one. There was no violent Peace March rising up to disturb the peace. Alcoholics Anonymous have not yet been taken over by Marxists to become a Preferential Group of drunken rioters.

      This limerick on the other hand would cause outrage and the innocent victims to threaten to kill someone:

      “Your breaths are trade-off acetone
      Your vagrance goes nowhere
      And we can tell the difference
      Even when you are not there
      Your homilies are synthetic
      And lets just cross this bridge
      What you have you stupid man
      Is stale beverage.”

  1. Like UK law enforcement, the National Health is rationing scarce resources. Obese people are being denied hip or knee replacements, no liver transplants for alcoholics or lung transplants for smokers, no food for patients deemed beyond all medical measures, even if it means a daughter having to rescue her elderly mother from medically imposed starvation after a misdiagnosis of terminal disease.

    See: Starved by the NHS: Three patients a day DIE from malnutrition, thirst or choking on hospital wards, damning statistics reveal

    • A total of 936 people died with either malnourishment, dehydration or choking
    • Some 74 of them starved – lack of food was listed as their main cause of death
    • The figure is up a third from 2013, when 55 people died of • malnourishment
    • Charities warn patients are being ‘forgotten to death’ and call for ‘urgent action’

    NR: This is what happens when people serve their government instead of government serving the people. Giving politicians, elected or otherwise, life-and-death control over an unarmed (or inadequately armed) population NEVER has a happy ending. [waves at Venezolanos] If this coin’s reverse needs inspection, just look at what happens when citizens get control over a nation’s treasury.

    So, this state-sanctioned murder has spread to the UK police? Quelle surprise! Please pardon the jaded attitude but this is just the same old vinegary Socialist poison wine in a new limerick-labeled bottle.

    State. Sanctioned. Murder. Just ask Kevin Crehan…

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