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11 Replies to “Italian TV: Salvini reverses flow of illegals, Nigerian crime gang member confesses”

  1. I wonder about the Cardinal’s interpretation of the Bible. Does it say to welcome one traveler – or an entire army of them? When they intend to impose something other than Christianity on the people? Should they still be welcomed?

    I wonder if the Cardinal has welcomed even a single African or Muslim to his own home.

  2. As Christians we are called to welcome the stranger, but there are other things to be considered. If you look in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, it says: The more prosperous nations are obliged , TO THE EXTENT THEY ARE ABLE, to welcome the foreigner in search of the security and the means of livelihood which he cannot find in his country of origin…..Immigrants are obliged to respect with gratitude the material and spiritual heritage of the country that receives them, to obey its laws and to assist in carrying civic burdens. CCC 2241
    I don’t think that Jesus, or the Cardinal had in mind welcoming the people mentioned in the video, or encouraging crime and violence.
    According to Catholic teaching, it is secular authorities that have the authority and responsibility to decide to what extent their country IS ABLE to take in foreigners.
    I have been to Confession recently and do receive Communion regularly, unlike Mr Salvini, but I agree with his position.
    Perhaps the Cardinal’s interview was cut short to oppose it with Mr Salvini’s and the following interview, but I very much doubt that the people mentioned in the latter part of the video were the ones that the Cardinal had in mind. Au contraire.

  3. I am a catholic and what this cardinal is doing is wrong. It’s not the church’s place to make immigration policy and to give away other people’s resources. We have the same problem in America where the church invites people in and they they flood all the social services so there isn’t enough for people that are already living in America. Encouraging people to sneak into the country is dangerous for them. Women and children are getting raped and it’s the churches fault for encouraging illegal, disorganized and lawless behavior.

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