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One Reply to “Eric Zemmour on the state of freedom of speech in France today”

  1. That is the state of freedom of speech in all Western Nations not just France. Yes the US has the First Amendment that is suppose to protect Free Speech, but look at how everyone censors themselves in any type of public speech. The fact that we censor ourselves shows how dangerous Cultural Marxism is, we all know the approved speech and in the interest of keeping our jobs or remaining safe we censor what we say.

    In the Western Nations nothing use to be sacred, nothing oculdn’t be mocked and laughed at, that has all changed to one degree or another. Look at what is happening in Britain, the police spend more time tracking down insiults on twitter then in hunting for murderers. France is rebelling agains the entire POMO agenda even if most of them don’t realize this. Watch France and use it as the measuring stick of how close the rest of Europe is to rebellion.

    Right now the French protesters are the front line troops but we keyboard warriors are providing important moral support and ensuring that the truth about the protests and the brutality of the French Government is avaible for all to see.

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