Bibi acquittal upheld in Pakistan

And now we watch for the riots and the killings and the threats of killings world-wide and especially in Pakistan.


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  1. Shari’ah law–Blasphemy laws, including imprisonment or execution, may be imposed on critics of Islam or Mohammed. 3:186, 33:57-61, 9:61-66, 9:73. one only needs to read the Qur’an to figure where this ideology comes from.

    Hey, It is Pakistan, where the leader of the Ismami group said, “We will cut out the tongue and eyes of anyone who wants to change our blasphemy law.”

    Asia Bibi and her family have suffered terribly under this barbaric law. I will never understand why the Pope did not use his clout and rescue this woman. Nine years.

    • “We will cut out the tongue and eyes of anyone who wants to change our blasphemy law.”

      Typically followed by screeches of, “We’ll kill anyone who says that Islam’s violent!” and “Allan Snackbar!”

    • Probably because he feared a backlash against Christians in Pakistan and around the world. After Pope Benedict’s speech in Regensburg, Christians were attacked in various places. It’s easy to say speak when other people are paying the penalty. I think it’s far better that the Pakistani Courts stood up to the extremists themselves. Then it sets a precedent in law. This is very good news.

    • The Pope is obviously a communist spy pretending that he believes in God. They must have gotten him from the same Manchurian Candidate bin they got Obama and Trudeau.

    • Well, yes and no. It will be a life that is tantamount to living in a witness protection program. Canada has the same problem the UK does, but Trudeau I think needs a propaganda win so he is letting her in. She will have to hide and obey blasphemy laws here like the Saudi women. Notice how ALL refrences to the Apostasy issue was removed from any interview she did? She never mentioned islam but she gets to wear hot clothes and eat bacon. This has to be the deal. That she not piss of Trudeau or the tards by speaking truthfully about the role Islam plays in making life hell for women, and she gets to be here.

      A tool for Trudeau

      It will end badly if they decide to tell the truth or let any muslims know where they are living.

      • All we can do is wait for the much talked about backlash, that will happen during a revolution/civil war. Civil Wars are slow to start but once they have started they are more violent then just about any other type of war, Relibious wars being the only ones that exceed civil wars in violence. When the ones in our nations start they will be a mix of the two most vicious types of war.

        • Imagine if the Germans pasted London with 500-pounders then immediately launched into a big fuss about how unfair the “backlash” was and what racists the RAF were for unfairly shooting at them? That is precisely what the Muslims do and it always sails right over the media’s heads…

  2. If this was not an election year, Justine would not step up to take the bow, or maybe he just heard about her. Maryam Mosef, Minister for the Status of Women, said Shari’ah fascinates her, perhaps Asia will be able to explain to the useful idiot just how fascinating Shari’ah really is.

    May God keep Asia and her family safe.

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