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4 Replies to “French police form separate ‘Blue Vest’ protest movement”

  1. This video is over a month old but still important, this video shows that the French police are split with some supporting the resistance and others opposing it. I know the latest videos from Paris show police brutality but that doesn’t meant that all of the police are supporting those tactics or are even carrying them out. We are going to have to wait and to discover how many of the police will keep up the fight against the protesters and how many will turn on those who still support Macron.

    I don’t know how much longer until the full fledged explosion in France but think that it probably won’t happen until closer to spring.

    • Agent Provocateurs are always a threat in any civil disobedience campaign, especially when the media is in the pocket of the government. Dr. Turley could have been taking in by false reports designed to give credibility to the agent provocateurs.

      • the YVs have the problem on both sides of the line. Some YVs are antifa and just there for the violence, while the Police now are AP as you have pointed out Richard. This will not end well for France. Macron and the Globalists are desperate in their quest for any victory and there will be a lot of French blood spilled for their ‘vision’.

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