French TV on Macron’s clumsy and authoritarian Police State

This video was blocked world wide on Youtube before it had even a single view.
Either the copyright on this is airtight or its more proof of the authoritarian nature of the French state.
Ill take door number two.



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  1. The man who was shot doesn’t seem to understand that the policeman was probably ordered to aim for the head of a protester instead of hitting them in the chest.

    I keep seeing reports that the police are being issued military rifles and live ammo. I can’t confirm those reports so don’t post them but if true the situation in France is about to take a very ugly turn.

  2. Youtube’s AI now is extremely fast at identifying content that is allegedly copyrighted by another Youtube user. It uses “audio matching.” It has gotten so sophisticated that Youtube is even blocking things like wedding videos because it identified a copyrighted song playing in the background.

    Basically any clip more than about 30 seconds, Youtube will identify it. I have used shorter clips, and Youtube allows you to use these with no problems.

    In some cases, Youtube will still allow your video, but if your video gets monetized all the money will go to the alleged owner.

    In other cases, Youtube will freeze the video and possibly even threaten you with a strike. It depends on what it is.

    I use the word alleged because in many cases another Youtuber will upload something they do not actually own, but Youtube with falsely treat the original owner as a copyright holder.

    This happened to me. I made a video about Antifa trying to burn down a Turkish cultural center in Germany. I had a clip of surveillance video released by police. Youtube falsely claimed the clip was copyrighted by a German media outlet that simply was the first person to upload it to Youtube. Now I just make sure all clips are under 25 seconds and Youtube never gives me any problems for that.

  3. After Macron is tossed to the Curb France needs to hold Nuremberg type hearings to Prosecute, Convict & Jail, Police, Government Ministers for their actions.

  4. Amateurism or malice? Probably a bit of both, but French police has never been known for its subtlety.
    There’s a video by Tim Pool, reviewing people wounded in these protests, hard to watch but important.

  5. Welcome to the new normal for police actions in Europe, once the real violence starts this will be remembered as the good old days.

  6. … once the real violence starts this will be remembered as the good old days.

    It would be an interesting study in modern parallels to draw connections between current developments and then trace their evolution into becoming “the good old days”.

    A prime example is Africa and its ongoing rape by Communist China. People from Africa have personally confirmed my suspicion that—once Beijing has finished having its way with the Dark Continent—that land’s inhabitants will look back with nostalgic fondness upon the days of European colonialism.

    So it is with Europe. Even these tumultuous and rickety times will seem like a midsummer’s evening’s arm-in-arm stroll once the real festivities begin.

    How is it possible, especially in Digital Age Europe, for such collective amnesia to grip so many? At least Africans have the excuse of Third World underdevelopment and reduced educational opportunities to explain their dimwittedness.

    Europe has no such excuse. Worse yet, two devastating World Wars have failed to teach the lessons of tyranny. Instead a familiar warm, post-coital afterglow of Communism-Lite (i.e., Socialism) suffuses the Continent like Yuletide visions of sugarplums.

    So many utopian delights await those who can manage to just shrug off the fatal relativism and genetic box canyons of libertine Postmodernism. Culturally Marxist schools tell, not teach—after all, teaching is so outdated and condescendingly passé in this era of indoctrination—history’s slow learners to pick up their pace when walking past the abattoir.

    No peeking allowed. Besides, who really wants to see the knackers methodically dismembering old-and-tired Enlightenment values? One may as well tour a sausage factory or attend sessions of parliament.

    Meanwhile, Merkel, Macron, and May (3M?<) stitch up Europe’s flayed hide into shiny new harnesses for its working masses to wear. The Continent’s sinew and bones are boiled down to provision unemployable jobless “immigrant” soup lines whilst—according to the ancient, time honored scheme—elites take home their neatly butchered prime cuts.

    Extra-curricular field trips to the Frankfurt School extension campus (with its recently annexed cemetery) have been cut back to evening hours. Budgets of academic arts programs are being slashed to finance in-school morals police with their litmus tests and blue-ribbon ideological purity commissions.

    Regularly enriched by its newly imported and (overly) diverse sub-cultures, Europeans revel in their consensual moral affirmation and smug, Swedish-style sanctimony. Perish the thought of any lessons being learned . With all these economizing measures in the school music departments, pupils are being taught to whistle. All the better for their hasty après l’école walk past the graveyard of human freedom and liberty.

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