Muslims on a plane

WE really need to make the movie, “Tards on a plane”. a semi comedy where we reproduce all the actual things muslims have really done to terrorize aircraft. Make a few comedic allowances where the plasticine packaging is still on fake TNT and a guy lighting his shoes on fire and another guy setting his underwear on fire and all on the same flight. This guy would get a cameo for sure.

The reason to do it of course would be to prove a point. Even though all the events shown would be true, it would never be allowed to be shown anywhere even if we downplayed the horror and terror of it all.

To that I would say:

Hogan’s Heroes

Rat Patrol

McHale’s Navy

The Longest Day

A huge list of more shows mocking Nazis and Nazi events

Shaving Ryan’s Privates, and a lot more contemporary movies showing the truth about the Nazis some 70 to 80 years ago. I wonder if these producers will ever have the stones to make a show or movie about what is actually happening now truthfully, or do they just exploit the deaths and efforts of soldiers who actually fought these battles when it mattered?

I respectfully nod to Homeland, the first 5 seasons or so, before the cast drove it off the rails. That was an Oasis in the desert.

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  1. Switzerland: Man fined 210 Swiss francs for shouting ‘Allahu akbar’+++
    Police in the Swiss city of Schaffhausen have defended their decision to fine a man who used the words “Allahu akbar” in public. The incident in May 2018, which saw the man fined 150 Swiss francs (€132) plus 60 francs in administrative charges, came to light this week after the 22-year-old involved went public with his story. The young man, named by Swiss media as Orhan E., said he used the Islamic phrase ‘Allahu akbar’, which literally means ‘God is [the] greatest’, to allegedly express his amazement after spotting a friend of his near Schaffhausen’s goods train depot. While he was speaking in Turkish to that friend, he was approached by an off-duty police officer. The policewoman then fined him for causing a public nuisance because he had used the phrase Allahu akbar in a “loud and clear” manner. Local police have since defended the fine, saying the officer acted appropriately. “At the time, there was a possibility that people could have become afraid or shocked,” a media spokesperson for the force, Patrick Caprez, told local daily Schaffhauser Nachrichten. The phrase ‘Allahu akbar’ has often been used by terrorists before carrying out attacks. Schaffhausen security chief Romeo Bettini also backed the force’s decision to fine the man. Bettini noted the manner in which the phrase had been spoken was key in the 2018 incident and added police officers would have acted in the same way if someone had run around a local square swearing loudly. “It is completely wrong to say this phrase [Allahu akbar] is forbidden in Schaffhausen,” he said. He added police always used their judgement as to what constituted a nuisance.
    Read more:

  2. In Episode 3, season 1 of Tards on a Plane, Captain Ali-El Hussein has been fighting his inner demons, suppressing the desire to come out of the closet as a heterosexual infidel. You see, Ali owes his life and career to the system he gamed to become what he is today by posing as a gay muslim. He was hired right out of flight school by his company, Western-Civ Airlines. Affirmative Action hiring policies have provided him every opportunity but, alas, he is racked by guilt and can no longer continue living his lie!

    In this episode Ali hints to his copilot, a metrosexual sis named only “Q”, that something is going on with him. All hell breaks loose when he orders the non-Halal in-flight dinner, with Q accusing Ali of apostacy….. Q radios the control tower informing them of an in-flight emergency. A struggle ensues. Meanwhile, in seat 27b (coach), aspiring hip-hop artist and high-fashion burka designer Fatima shouts “I SMELL PORK!” and proceeds to spray her underarm deodorant throughout the cabin. Panic erupts. A postmodernist named Doug DeFazio from DeMoines seated in first class crosses himself as he feels the airplane entering a steep dive. He turns to the stranger next to him and says calmly, “You know, air speed is a relative thing. This isn’t really THAT bad.”

    Meanwhile, back in the cockpit, Q confesses to Ali that Q has always loved him, but will crash Western-Civ flight 409 if he doesn’t put down that damned pulled pork sandwich.

    Ali pulls back hard on the controls with one hand while frantically trying to eat with the other. “You’re killing us, Q! Western-Civ is going down!”

    “I fell in love with you because you had no integrity, you bastard!” shouts Q.

    Tune in next episode when Tards On A Plane hears the control tower supervisor Mbkulimba say, “Western-Civ 409 has gone under the radar! Has anyone seen Western-Civ?”

  3. do they just exploit the deaths and efforts of soldiers who actually fought these battles when it mattered?

    This is what they do, they don’t have the guts to tell the truth about any enemy of freedom that is still alive.

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