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20 Replies to “Time for a little aggressive defence #Covington Catholic”

  1. –From references in that Ward video:
    someone else must have already posted this — music videos
    But this 2017-dated interview has him chatting about the $400 payment he received. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTkrhqVO8VA&feature=youtu.be
    Claim with photo that daughter fled from intimidation, so accuser went to find someone else.

  2. Video: “#CovingtonBoys redemption is underway
    #NathanPhillips exposed as a liar & military dirtbag
    Who also tried to disrupt a church service
    & @realDonaldTrump invites the kids to the WH
    They didn’t deserve the abuse
    Let’s show them some love” Jim Hanson – January 23, 2019 – Twitter

    Did he say Chick-fil-A?

    Video: “#Starbucks new policy is No Purchase Required
    My local shop wasn’t closed for re-education
    So I decided to test it & crazy as that is
    It’s true
    I brought my own food, enjoyed their A/C & used their free wifi to order some @blckriflecoffee
    Great business model”
    Jim Hanson – May 29, 2018 – Twitter

  3. BREAKING: Lawyer Representing Covington Kids Receives Bomb Threat After Giving Celebs and Journalists 48 Hour Notice to Retract or Face Lawsuits

    Robert Barnes, the lawyer representing several of the families from Covington Catholic High School, received a bomb threat on Wednesday afternoon.

    The threat comes after he gave 48 hour notice for celebrities, media outlets, politicians and journalists 48 hours to retract and apologize for any defamatory statements against the Covington kids or potentially be named in lawsuits next week.

    The threat was emailed and used the same deadline. It said, “I am coming to bomb your office. Get ready. 48 hours. Be ready.”

    Barnes told The Gateway Pundit that the threat “shows how dangerous the establishment press can be when it excites madness with libelous lies.”


    Richard: Stay tuned to discover if the bomb threat was a bluff. I am betting it was but with the current level of tension it may not be.

    • Richard: Stay tuned to discover if the bomb threat was a bluff. I am betting it was but with the current level of tension it may not be.

      If the Covington case is prosecuted properly, there’ll be no wiggle room about charges of incitement to violence. Trayvon Martin’s posthumous Tijuana donkey rodeo was unavoidably instructive.

      If not, Ferguson and Black Lies Matter set its own generally recognized precedent for how biased reporting precipitates civil unrest. This latest effort at igniting proxy race riots a la Trayvon goes beyond unintentional meaning or protected editorial opinion.

      That those various festivities didn’t end up going nationwide was not for want of media trying is grist for another post altogether.

      As noted before, various legal teams probably made executive boardrooms sign off on this latest abortion of journalistic integrity.

      Again, as mentioned, it’s the sheer, jaw-dropping brazenness of this latest fraud—and the surrounding industry’s conspicuously thundering silence—that strips away every last veneer of reportorial dignity from these overpaid, semiliterate, telegenic lickspittles.

      • LIke I keep saying the left is trying to start a race war/civil war, they don’t seem capable of understanding that if they succeed in starting a war they are among the first targets.

  4. The Indian beats a drum in a kids face – and nobody is concerned about hearing damage? Bet the kid had ringing in his ears!

    • You are correct about hearing damage.

      Nathan Phillips was the aggressor. Instead of bring a peace pipe he brought a war drum. Notice how he used his drum to boxed in Nick Sandmann. You can see that Nick is swallowing, which would help to relieve the pressure (popping) in his ear. And he is blinking his eyes due to the close proximity of the drum stick.

      Friend or Foe?

      At the 1:04 mark you can start to see the change in Nick’s face especially at the 1:30 point. 1:55 – When the smile becomes a grimace. When is this going to be over?
      Nathan Phillips is the foe and the aggressor.

      • 2:32 – In this video Nick Sandmann was able to remove himself from the big noise without brushing up against Nathan Phillips. God forbid if Nick brushed up against Nathan Phillips. That would be considered aggressive behavior towards an elder. A passive aggressive elder. Right?

        • But it doesn’t end there. Now…

          “NBC Allows Nathan Phillips To Double Down On False Story In Another Interview, He Has “Forgiveness In His Heart” For Kids”
          Weasel Zippers – January 24, 2019

          “Did you hear anyone say ‘build that wall’? It isn’t audible on the video clips I think that are out there. But did you hear that?”
          @savannahguthrie asks Nathan Phillips

          ‘You know, I did hear that.’ -Phillips

          Today – January 24, 2019 – Twitter

          • Yeah, Nathan Phillips heard it alright
            but it was not from the Covington Students.
            Nathan Phillips heard “Build That Wall” from one of the brothers of the Hebrew Israelites.
            Starts out faintly beginning @ 50:07…

            • Just think: the Covington Catholic High School kids just finished the “Walk For Life” March and had to wait 2 hours for the bus to take them home. 2 Hours!
              A two hour wait and a freak show.
              Now that’s an education! I think they were well behaved.

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