Covington Catholic, President Trump, and Refrigerator Rangers

BREAKING: Lawyer Representing Covington Kids Receives Bomb Threat After Giving Celebs and Journalists 48 Hour Notice to Retract or Face Lawsuits


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  1. DonaldTrump invites the kids to the WH

    If true, this is spectacular. Go ahead and bet the farm that President Trump will have some exceptionally well-crafted talking points. Ones that—with deepest personal sympathy towards these dynamite kids—will nonetheless convey his ridicule of the media in an all-but-actionable way.

    The MSM has so thoroughly quagmired this gaslit charade that the only way to go for Sandmann et al, is up. That the way might lead through 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is pure gravy!


    0bama inviting Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed to the White House after the Muslim punk’s obvious, triple whammy false flag, sympathy ploy, and (daddy inspired) publicity stunt. Let’s stipulate right now that the name of this weasel’s pop having a Mohammad Coefficient (hat tip:GoV) of one hundred percent really does mean something.

    Fast forward to the Trump Presidency and these young men from Kentucky are being invited to bask in the reflected glory of their nation’s leader. They maintained their composure well beyond their years and carried themselves with exemplary courtesy, particularly in the face of premeditated provocation and multiple verbal assaults.

    The difference becomes almost annoyingly obvious as the words are read.

    • All that Islam and Socialism ask; is that you submit.

      Once you sell out, there is peace. Just pay the higher taxes.

      Why won’t these Covington Boys submit to the submitted?

      Why do they hate the Affection of Master-Slave that muslims and Socialists will only ever know?

      Puzzling. To be forced to buy your daily bread.

  2. As the Left have been the shapers of culture for the past many decades, the infiltration of the universities and schools, the corruption of journalism and politics … the Right has been “nice” meaning “foolish”; as with “this is not the hill to die on”. Turns out, this is most cowardly by letting the danger come even closer to the children. What sane person would negotiate so that evil could make gains? That, at the time, was the wisdom of the Right, probably so “reasonable” (nice/foolish) to be taking advice from the Left. Some realized the slippery slope and now all see we’re well beyond the cliff side, Wile E. Coyote style.

    We must quit being shocked by the MSN’s product, for this must be an example of thousands of purposeful mistellings, otherwise known as lies. They are the propaganda ministry (fascist in organizing principles) and old-stock regular people are the target. They do intend harm for they intend to end our way of lives too, hence the “long march through the institutions” of Marxists.

    We need to learn to Trump and troll them at the street level and waste their fuel. Example: It’s Okay to be White. Brilliant, anonymous and feeding their hungry fire of hate, knowing of course, the way it will be reported. All you need is the printer you have, oh, and a good idea …Let’s Troll!

  3. OK, gotta stop it here. “Women acting on their biological emotions.” What a bunch of shit.
    As many women as men jumped on this smear campaign, maybe more.
    I, and many more like me, most probably women of male children, DID NOT jump on this emotional train.
    If anything, my first reaction was “look how well behaved these testosterone charged teenagers are!” Jumping up and down yelling high school spirit chants! The “smirk” indicates to me how frightened this 16 year old was and how polite he was trying to be while some toothless pseudo Indian elder beat a drum in his face. Wow! I call that a supreme example of constraint.
    But my read on this has little bearing. The left is a tsunami coming over the bow and the right has little to stop it.
    My only hope is the TN DA that said he will prosecute those in state that issued terrorist words and the attorney that is working pro bono for the families. I just saw today that the bro bono guy put that horrible MN congresswoman (hijab wearing, brother marrying asshole) on notice that she retracts her tweet or be sued! She deleted the tweet but didn’t retract it. I would so much like to see her spend a million bucks defending herself.

    • We still have fine American kids!
      Kinda reassuring, given all the screwed up, brainwashed semi-zombies.
      I’ve only seen this decency in religious kids, ones who haven’t been exposed to much popular culture.

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