Opposition leader, who Brazil already recognizes as true president of Venezuela, makes it official!

H/T M.

There is a lot going on We are preparing a video of a speech by Maduro threatening and chest pounding. Sassy left this comment but as of yet, no news links to these claims:

Russia supports Maduro while Chile recognizes Guaido.

Support for Guaido: Canada – Paraguay – Colombia – Argentinia – Peru – Brazil – Ecuador – Costa Rica – France, also the Church in Venezuela.

Instagram & Facebook removed Maduro’s official Blue Verified check mark.

Guaido has taken refuge in Ecuador’s embassy out of fear for his life. Trump threatens Maduro re all violence.

Thank you Gary, Sassy, M. Richard and all.

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Maduro is NOT taking it well.

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12 Replies to “Opposition leader, who Brazil already recognizes as true president of Venezuela, makes it official!”

  1. We all knew things were going to go down the tubes while Pelosi and the Dems are trying to hamstring President Trump. Look for things to get much worse.

  2. I hope they (the population of Argentina) remember the world politicians and countries that sided with Maduro and his henchman: China, Russia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Cuba, assorted Middle East terror supporting states and of course the international ‘Left’ like Mogherini and her ilk.

    What a time for Juan Guaidó to switch his recognition from PRC to the Republic of China. Wouldn’t that cause a stir? Maybe he could downgrade his country’s relations with Mexico as well showing that there are consequences to reprehensible conduct.

    I remember Venezuela and its people as really hospitable and open towards outsiders. Here is hoping for a new dawn!

      • Yes, decent, generous people.
        Poor souls, they’ve suffered terribly. Victims of evil, corrupt degenerates and their facilitators with social experiments.
        $20M in food and medicine are headed their way. Just a start. A rich country, human capital in exile will be coming back.

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