Germany: AfD MP Brutally Attacked By Masked Assailants

Leftist political violence seems to be escalating in Germany. Member of Bundestag, and AfD Bremen chairman Frank Magnitz was attacked by three masked assailants earlier tonight when he was leaving a new year’s event at a theater.

Frank Magnitz, AfD chairman and member of Deutscher Bundestag, was attacked Monday evening

This comes just a few days after an arson attack on the Federal Court of Leipzig for which Antifa have claimed responsibility, and after an explosion rocked an AfD office in Döbeln. The perpetrators of this attack are still on the run.

The original police press release:

Polizei Bremen
POL-HB: Nr. 0019 — Attack on member of Bundestag and AfD Bremen chairman
07.01.2019 – 19:55

Location: Goetheplatz, 28203 Bremen
Time: 07.01.2019, around 17:20 h

On 07.01.2019, around 17:20h, at the theater at Goetheplatz Square, the member of Bundestag and AfD chairman was attacked and wounded by several persons. Due to the victim’s office, the attack is probably politically motivated. The state police and the Federal Prosecutor Bremen opened investigations.

Police are urgently looking for witnesses: Who witnessed the incident near Goetheplatz Square? Who can give clues? Witnesses are asked to contact criminal police at phone no 0421 362-3888.

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  1. This is a Hate crime and the police are complicit as they still haven’t proscribed Anti-fa as a terrorist group of the likes of ISIS an cohorts.

  2. Everyone on both sides of Continental politics had damn well better hope that this and the Yellow Vest unrest are opening shots in Europe’s looming civil war.

    If this sort of viciousness and selective enforcement cannot trigger widespread opposition to government-sanctioned deconstruction of Western Civilization, then the mind shudders to think exactly what sort of unrestrained mayhem will finally cross the threshold of toleration.

    • A Christian prophecy posted by Cory (Jan. 3rd 2019) that I read a couple days ago:

      “2019 will be a year marked by blood. The Lord says that the term blood has been removed from the vocabulary of the modern Church, and that many are offended at His words. Just as the Lord’s followers abandoned Him at the mention of blood, there will be some who can not accept this Word. The Lord says He has sent warnings in the skies, in the seas, and on land of the coming turmoil, He has warned in every way, yet many deny the day that is upon us….

      Blood will pour out of financial markets in the next 18 months. News commentators will even use the term blood letting, bleed, and blood flowing on the street as they watch in amazement at the markets liquidation. The Lord says He is striking down every false idol, the bull on Wall Street will be removed. Just as He crushed Israel’s idols, He will melt America’s.
      The streets of cities across America will flow with the blood of it’s citizens. The people are throwing off all restraint, and over the next months those whose hope that is not anchored in Christ will turn to violence. With a sense of desperation people will spill one another’s blood with the goal of creating peace. Police departments will be overwhelmed, and will stand aside. This will be such a divisive time some will liken it to a Civil War.

      These protests will spread across the world like a virus. Turmoil and desperation will cause some nations to declare military rule. The blood spilling in the streets will be opposed with more blood. Overwhelming force will be used. Scenes so shocking live broadcasts will be stopped midstream.

      The political world will witness a massive shaking. Long held secrets will be revealed, both right and left will be exposed. Politicians will be out for blood, not caring what the consequences for the nation are. The Lord says to look to Him, He alone is truth. The true Church will rise up, but those hoping to repair the damage through politicians will be silenced.

      Diseases of the blood will be in the news. Ebola and new a disease the world has not seen will shake nations divided by the seas. Fear will cripple travel, flights will be turned around midstream, and people will jump from ships from panic.”

    • How the muslims will suffer now as a result of this right wing extremist getting himself beat up! *clutching my pearls*

  3. Merkel people at work, 100% it was planing by leftists, CDU, SPD or Greens, Antigua at work , unbelievable, He is serious injured, if He dies , it goona be a scandal for German leftists politics ..

  4. I posted it on Facebook, and they removed the photo as too violent.
    Must not upset the plebs during the great jihad replacement.

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