Left hacks non-left, Greek Priest attacked, and more of the same leftist BS: Newslinks post 1. Jan. 7/19

1. Second Conservative Senator Twitter account hacked by what looks like leftists and Muslims. But certainly at least one sympathetic with the other.

Story here at CTV. And given ho narrative driven all major Canadian media is, one wonders what they know and didn’t say.

2. Italy’s leadership is four square with YVPs

3. Two Syrian refugees beat up an Orthodox priest in Athens, Greece

A priest has been beaten up by two Syrians in Athens, Greek newspaper Proto Thema reports


According to the newspaper, the incident took place outside the Sanctuary of St. Nicholas in Patisia, Athens.

When the priest was going to the Sanctuary he noticed that one motorcycle was illegally parked in the garden of the temple. After the priest complained to the Syrian owners about that, both the perpetrators started to punch him.


As a result of the sudden attack the priest was injured. Until now the Greek police have arrested one suspect.

4. Thai police say they won’t deport Saudi woman seeking asylum

An 18-year-old Saudi woman who fled her family over alleged abuse and barricaded herself in a Bangkok airport hotel room in a desperate bid for asylum will be allowed to stay in Thailand while her case is evaluated by the U.N. refugee agency, immigrationauthorities said Monday.


Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun grabbed global attention when she sent out pleas for help via social media, saying she feared for her life if she were put on a plane back to Kuwait, where she had slipped away from her family, or her homeland.


Instead, she has been allowed to enter Thailand temporarily under the protection of the U.N. refugee agency, which was expected to take about five to seven days to study her case and her claim for asylum. She said she wants to go to Australia to seek refuge there.

Related: https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/qa-hurdles-obstacles-saudi-women-runaways-face-60207756

(I predict that the UN agency will try and retain its legitimacy by pretending to approve her request to be a refugee, while secretly working with the Saudis behind the scenes to kidnap her back to the KSA for proper sharia punishment. Can’t have your best chattel running away can you?)

5. Jihadist Beheader In Oklahoma Cleared For Execution

This fall, the U.S. Supreme Court essentially cemented the execution of America’s least known Islamic terrorist. Jihadist convert Alton Nolen is now set to be put to death in Oklahoma, likely by nitrogen gas inhalation. […]


The September 24, 2014 attack in Oklahoma is somewhat notable in the annals of many officially uncalled terrorist strikes in that Nolen emulated a favorite ISIS death tactic no doubt learned online: he fully beheaded a co-worker—the beloved wife, mother, and grandmother Colleen Hufford—inside the Moore, Oklahoma food processing plant where they both worked. Shouting “Alluah Akbar” throughout the attack, Nolen used the same oversized butcher knife on the neck of a second co-worker, Tracy Johnson, when the company’s chief operations officer, a reserve law enforcement officer named Mark Vaughn, burst in with an AR-15 rifle. He shot and wounded Nolen as Nolen disengaged from his second victim and charged at him with the bloody knife.

6. The first sentence alone has at least two major lies in it:

Lie 1: It is not a punishment for the government not to pay for all the potnetial downside of a person’s own choices. If a person decides to cut off their own legs, then they shouldn’t expect the neighbourhood to pay for an electric wheelchair. Or any wheelchair.

2. No one is entitled to have a family. Some are capable and some are not. But if you choose to amputate those bits that make it possible… see lie 1.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Richard, Xanthippa, and all who sent in translations, video and news links. More to come as the day passes.

PS: The next item for massive massive selective enforcement in favour of muslims and against Jews:

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5 Replies to “Left hacks non-left, Greek Priest attacked, and more of the same leftist BS: Newslinks post 1. Jan. 7/19”

  1. Religion serving A Male God, makes every Believer, female. (Otherwise, they would be equal to God – just like Jesus. And become real men).

    Therefore, femi-men like muslims, will try to dominate women, to occupy their space, to just appear like men. Pederasts. (Aggression to hide their inner-gay).

    So when comes along one of the many liberated and butt-plug LGBTQ+ versions of normal female-centricity, (say a male child capitulates to their mother to want to be exactly like her, instead of one of the billion of proud princesses bouncing on her knee taking her praise through owning a penis), there is a fear and revulsion to the reality of what they are: Submission of a crushed soul 0.000009 nanometers thin, to females with no soul. Muslims to trans. Revert to invert.

    Three oaths that welcome slavery, and the femaled-male is completed – all except in body. Trapped in a new Femaled Kingdom: to dominate her – even as a six year old; protest for Equality with Her; claim the Matriarchy is the best way to save society and demand more vaginas on The Board; or transfer into a full-mimicry of Her, where instead of a Muslim slave-name receive the Call to Fair.

    Muslims, in a living hell. Where all Homosexuals+ have better-fitting clothes. Poseurs who out-do the poseurs.

    This is why, when they finally break-down in rage, they just want to kill, (and receive the 72 whores that will still take over them in Heaven). Always from woman and then going back to woman.

    Looking in the mirror at Gays: Islam. One neuron of a soul left. Death awaits.

    Homophobia is Islamophobia. Fear from Muhammadans.

    • The three diagnosis of interrupted child development: LGBTQ+, Collectivism, and Submission.

      Leave, and the Hounds of Apostacy will follow you.

      Give them legitmacy as equal states of mind, then they know you never really left.

  2. 4 – I agree with you, the UN will try to make it look like they are neutral but will be working to insure her return to Saudi, I hope she finds refuge some where that will change her ID and protect her. One woman who manages to get away with publicity and the rest of the Saudi women will start looking around for what they can to get better conditions.

  3. 3: Knowing the Greeks, they will not stand for this. There will be dire consequences for an attack on a priest. And I don’t mean just for the attacker.
    There are plenty of Greeks willing to go out with ballbats, chains and knives and attack refugees. It happened before, and f it’s a few isolated incidents, it may not even be reported. But we may see an actual organized pogrom one of these days. It’s bound to happen (I don’t approve oc).

  4. Again this nonsense that people are entitled to have children, many who want them don’t get them. When you hear phrases like ‘her sperm’ its obvious we are in Transwonderland, in which ‘women’ get women pregnant and ‘men’ have babies, If you have chosen to stop being a woman or man, then you lose what goes with that. The odd thing is, that the usual way of getting pregnant has proved very popular over the ages.

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