Spokesman for the Yellow Vests in France, arrested by the state

This is a developing story and so far, the material I have on it is not super clear.

This, along with another highly dubious arrest in France, has taken a fair amount of time and discussions with three translators to make sense of it. It is a simple story and an important one, but not easy to get sense on what is out there so far. So please expect corrections and additions to this post as more information comes in, or more clarity is available.

The first issue, is the arrest of someone widely reported to be a spokesperson for the Yellow Vests in France. The presumption is that these are not licensed protests. You can see how people are reacting at what I think is the Police station, or possibly the home of the arrested, Eric Drouet.

There is an explanatory video I am hoping our translator can look at soon and perhaps we can bring a better explanation. The speaker is one of the top 2 or 3 counter-jihad citizen-journalists in France and highly authoritative on these issues. He himself is a target of the state for being critical of the past and present highly Marxist regimes.

The second arrest is of a man who was part of a crowd. There is video of what I am about too describe but there is, I am told by all three translators who looked at it, four actually, that there is no point in subtitling it.

You have a public official who is speaking to a crowd of YVPs (Yellow Vest Protestors) and he is obfuscating and stonewalling and generally pissing everyone off by failing to say anything of substance to the extent that all 4 translators say there is simply nothing there to translate.

At a certain point, one of the people in the crowd, who is as frustrated as the rest, can be heard clearly saying, “Guillotine!” for which he was arrested and faces up to 6 years in prison for this remark.

It is somewhat hard to know how this can be considered a threat as one would have to run home, build a guillotine, get it back there and get the guy into the thing before any real damage can be done. I suspect it would take some time to build as well. Nonetheless, six years in jail. They may as well have threatened him with dropping a piano on his head or a safe or an anvil. They would be equally difficult to set up to be effective, but yes, I get that France has a history with a guillotine.

To see this video please go to this article:

Please also keep an eye on the comments under this post. Thanks to the amazing talent pool we have at this site, we can be nearly guaranteed of updates and corrections and related events and information as the evening passes.

Also we may have a translated video on the first arrest tonight.

Thank you M, Ava Lon, Sassy, FreeZoxee and MissPiggy and all who contributed to clarity on this post. These arrests may not work out like the state hopes it will, and when you see the translated segments of French leader, Macron, you may understand why. He is not a sympathetic character, nor is he one of the people in any way at all.

In Hollywood they are reputed to say: “What you really need in this business is sincerity. Once you can fake that you have it made”.

Emanuel Macron cannot fake sincerity. I hope to bring evidence of that to you soon.


Update 1 thanks to Richard:

#2 M



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27 Replies to “Spokesman for the Yellow Vests in France, arrested by the state”

  1. At a rough guess they are at the house of the person arrested, I can’t tell if this is the arrest or if they are searching for something. The most probable scenario is that they are searching since a large crowd was formed and I can’t see the police waiting for that crowd to form before taking the man to the police station.

    Having said that this is in my opinion a sign that Macron and the other globalists in the French Government are getting very scared and are trying to scare the protesters into dropp8ing the protests and returning to being good little serfs. I can’t see the arrest doing anything besides making a martyr for the protesters to rally around.

    This step is going to force a lot of people to decide that they need to replace the French Government and to set up revolutionary courts.

    Will they bring back the Guillotine? I don’t know but that is possible, especially it the police and military are real vicious in fighting the revolution.

    • Excellent video showing how peaceful they were, just walking calmly, and then the police showed up in formation. This occurred before the police vehicles showed up.

  2. Here is his FB post for today’s gathering (honoring the dead and injured) before police took him in. He asked people not to wear their Yellow Vest and to bring a candle.

    BTW, I saw an interview with him after he had been released (December 23). He is to be sentenced on June 5, 2019 for carrying a weapon. In his case, it was a 30-cm stick that was in his work backpack. He is allowed to take part in protest marches.


  3. Spokesman for the Yellow Vests in France, arrested by the state

    Ah, yes … Killing the messenger. How à propos that Micron falls back upon a time-honored and historic practice used by shortsighted leaders everywhere.

  4. The “guillotine” has many symbolic meanings and even uttering the word in France now will bring big Brother down upon you. The primary one is of revolution and the destruction of the current ruling elite. IMO its return is well overdue although initially it will be those like us who are first to meet Madame vis-a-vis. Personally I would rather see them all hanged and left there for a while. If I could draw decently(no longer possible) I would show a scaffold with Merkel, May, Macron, Blair, Juncker, Soros, that idiotic Swedish PM and a few others hanging there. I live in hope.
    Addendum…have been forced to watch a lot of pay TV recently. Do any of you have any idea of the rubbish that is pouring out as TV series now? The Leftist agenda from feminism, to LGTBPAN(PAN=paedo, animo, necro…and why not…let’s be complete), is being flooded into the air. I choked on Butterfly, the Good doctor(anyone had any expedience with autism? Little reality there) Star trek, Jack Ryan, etc. etc. etc. In the end they all had 15 mins and as soon as I saw the hand of Marx off it went. I slept a lot and my nausea continued for weeks. In the end I found the old movie channel and that kept me sane.

  5. Soutien aux #GiletsJaunes interpellés ce soir à #Paris.
    Google translation : Support for #Yellowguns arrested tonight at #Paris.

    Google translates “gilets jaunes” as “yellow vests” (and “giletsjaunes” as “giletsjaunes”.
    The mistranslation might be political tampering.

  6. Éric Drouet : “Tout ce qui se passe ici est politique”

    Éric Drouet est sortie de garde à vue, après avoir été arrêté hier soir lors d’une manifestation non déclarée.

  7. La classe politique réagit à l’arrestation du Gilet jaune Eric Drouet

    Le gouvernement défend de son côté une arrestation due à une manifestation non-déclarée.

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