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20 Replies to “Youtube removes video of arrest of Jayda Fransen (video below)”

    • Wikipedia relies solely on voluntary contributions, aka miscellaneous funding for their page, thus totally untrustworthy.
      For years, I’ve been telling people that but they still rely on it.

      • it depends on what kind of information U need. it’s easy for the left to line up 10 000 or 20 000 indoctrinated virtue-signalers to power-edit a historical or biographical page, but math and (most) science pages are more reliable. of course, one must be sure that the technical information purported to be true by the wikipedia page in question isn’t part of a current leftist agenda, like global warming, because it, too, will be power-edited into unreality. unfortunately, most people who view wikipedia won’t know anything about the field they are researching, and will just accept whatever is on the page.

        thus, my advice is to use wikipedia when U already have knowledge of the field, and have the ability to use other sources to either confirm or deny what is found there. it can be done, but just like the rest of the internet, U need to confirm.

  1. … On the orders of the UK Home Office. This is Gestapo/Stasi tactics where people where there one minute and suddenly, they are gone, just totally vanished.

    • They’re going to block all manner of uploads on videos like this. Tech-Monopolies are making it all possible.
      Nuremberg-2 – better be comprehensive, this time around/

  2. Nazi Germany — “We are only doing our jobs, we are only following orders.” Do not talk to the police at all. If you say something incriminating they will use it against you. Stay silent and ask for a lawyer. Period.

  3. I look at this stuff/ Jayda being sent to prison and then being arrested on her return to England and I wonder, what will it take for the UK POliCE to rebel against this? Surely, a majority knows it is wrong.
    I would have liked to see what ultimately happened.

  4. i’m guessing that ms. fransen was arrested for violating probation conditions, given what was said on the video; she was probably supposed to stay in england, even though she lives in belfast. i doubt that the CPS or the court failed to tell ms. fransen that she would be arrested should she leave england, but i also doubt that they cared that she would have to stay in a hotel to stay in england, or that she would not be able to afford to do so (or better yet, in the eyes of the state, lose her house). as she told the police in the video, it’s not possible for somebody of ordinary means to pay both a hotel bill and a mortgage, so she no doubt went home. she was probably fully aware that the police would come after her, but she probably expected to be arrested at home, not dragged off a plane in england, where she was supposed to be. it is unlikely that police in northern ireland would be unable to arrest her, given that both nations are PART OF UKISTAN.

    outside of the somewhat-setup/staged drama of the video (in the sense that she probably knew that she would be arrested again and took advantage of the situation to highlight her abuse by the state), ms. fransen is *ABSOLUTELY CORRECT* that police are harassing her. these 2 policemen are not the ones who made the decision to arrest or annoy her, but it is fairly obvious that they have been instructed – maybe not this time, and maybe not directly concerning ms. fransen – to give “anti-muslims” the most grief possible. did the one cop seriously think that she would reach for his gun? of course not! one need not get explicit instructions from one’s superiors about handling various situations; one “absorbs” the information from the culture of the organization.

    the nazis are ruling UKistan now, but the ummah will be taking over in short order, whether the nazis want it or not.

    • outside of the somewhat-setup/staged drama of the video…
      Yep, it was staged. That’s ok, she’s making a statement that’s important.
      But she’s no Tommy Robinson.

      • There is more than one questionable hero on our side for sure. But there is no excuse for Youtube to have taken it down. I have no idea what the real story is, but I have very little doubt that Jayda is being screwed over by the British establishment because she believes in a traditional pre islamic and pre socialist UK. Both things the British public were never asked if they wanted in the first place.

        So even if this arrest is legit in that she is violating parole, her initial conviction and sentence is likely as deserved as Kevin Krehan’s death sentence for littering near a mosque.

        • “violating probation conditions” police had to do their duty, in airports all police are armed, this was a setup, as you say the original conviction looks unsound, not sure on the full story, but looks like even less cause than Robinsons.
          I’m very suspect of Britain First though, they set themselves up as a political party, but their website has no political policies shared, I suspect they are national socialists, which at least the BNP admit to. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend in this case.

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