Yellow Vest protests in Canada

This will be updated with more videos over the day. The one above was published on Dec. 16, and is from Medicine Hat Alberta. The real problem is figuring out what they are about as so many hijackers have adopted this movement. In Canada though, it does seem as if the YV movement mostly is a classically liberal one, and in opposition to Baby Doc Trudeau’s dissolution of Canada as a polity.

Yellow Vest Vs. ANTIFA: (Probably in Alberta)

Yellow Vest Movement in Estevan, Saskatchewan December 15, 2018

Kingston Ontario had a visit from ANTIFA, 19th December

UNITY of ALL Canadians

National Citizens Alliance, Yellow Vests about ALL Canadians, ALL People….

NCA, Yellow Vest are movements against the globalists, 1%, United Nations, GLOBAL World Order…. standing up for the people.

We love ALL Canadians. It does not matter your skin colour, your etnicity, your place of origin. What matters is being Canadian, embracing freedom, justice, equal opportunity, true democracy.

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  1. The banner with the word PALESTINE. They’re totally infiltrated and brainwashed, not the brightest of people. They’re dangerous and Justin supports them.

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