Brazil: Future chancellor says Brazil will leave Global Migration Compact

An original translation by Jose Atento, from Blog Lei Islâmica em Ação

From this Portuguese language news site:

Ambassador Ernesto Araújo, who has been confirmed to take over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said today [December 10] in social media that the government of President-elect Jair Bolsonaro will disassociate the country from the Global Migration Compact. According to him, immigration should be treated according to “the reality and sovereignty of each country”.

“The Bolsonaro government will dissociate itself from the Global Migration Pact that is being launched in Marrakesh, an inadequate instrument to deal with the problem. Immigration should not be treated as a global issue, but rather according to the reality and sovereignty of each country,” the future chancellor said in his Twitter account.

The UN Global Compact for a Safe, Ordained and Regular Migration was approved today by representatives of more than 150 countries at the intergovernmental conference of the organization in the Moroccan city.

Speaking at the conference, UN Secretary-General António Guterres drew attention to “the sovereign right of states to determine their migration policies and their prerogative to govern migration within their jurisdiction, in accordance with international law,” insisted the Secretary-General.

Regulatory mark

On previous occasions, the future chancellor had mentioned how the Brazilian government intends to deal with the migratory flow. According to him, the country will seek to accommodate immigrants by establishing a regulatory framework compatible with national reality.

“Brazil will seek a regulatory framework compatible with the national reality and with the well-being of Brazilians and foreigners. In the case of Venezuelans fleeing the [President Nicolás] Maduro regime, we will continue to welcome them, but the fundamental thing is to work for the restoration of democracy in Venezuela.”

The ambassador added that immigrants are welcome in Brazil and will not be discriminated against. However, he defended the definition of criteria to guarantee safety to all. He did not elaborate on those criteria.

“Immigration is welcome, but it should not be indiscriminate. There must be criteria to ensure the safety of both migrants and citizens in the destination country. Immigration must be at the service of the individual’s interests and the cohesion of each society.”



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7 Replies to “Brazil: Future chancellor says Brazil will leave Global Migration Compact”

  1. That’s where we’ll see if it’s binding or not, with or without a huge penalty. Brazil is the test case.

    From everything I’ve been reading, once it passes UN adoption, as per Merkel, it becomes binding because any nation requiring an amendment or an exception will need 2/3rds of the overall vote to succeed.

    From what I saw, there is no wording addressing the possibility of an exit, even if a new national government is elected.

  2. From what I saw, there is no wording addressing the possibility of an exit, even if a new national government is elected.

    Socialism, the Roach Motel™ of ideologies. Countries sign up check in but they don’t check out (until they go feet-first, like Venezuela).

    Whether or not “immigrants” delay or assist in this feet-first process is your own call.

  3. This Treaty is the obituary of the UN and the EU, there will be a lot of fighting and dying before it is over but both are now walking dead.

  4. So if a country that has agreed to the Compact pulls out, is the UN going to send troops to force the country to participate? Threaten them with the loss of their seat or tell the OIC to withhold oil? Seriously, how can the UN enforce this compact?

    U.S. out of the UN, UN out of the U.S!

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