Yellow Vest Conga line, Leftism and Islam, the double threat from jihad-dad: Links 2, December 15, 2018

1. Place des opera

2. Here is the father of the man who waged jihad on a Christmas market in Strasbourg France. Note the jihadi beard and no moustache, and the Che Guevara toque. A dyed in the beard jihadi and communist in one.

3. “First you play the victim, then you take over” -Old Islamic expression

4. I have no idea what this whatsoever. But if they are gonna do a conga line, maybe something C&W?

5. CBC Still Whitewashing Omar Khadr’s Crimes | Ezra Levant

6. Paris today:

Thank you Sassy, M., Wrath of Khan, EB., Richard, and all who sent in materials. 

More to come.


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10 Replies to “Yellow Vest Conga line, Leftism and Islam, the double threat from jihad-dad: Links 2, December 15, 2018”

  1. # 4: Victory Dance in Tarbes, on the Place de Verdun after the parade of thousands of demonstrators.

    #6: My understanding is that the plan of the Yellow Vests had been to meet at the Place de l’Opéra, the Police prevented it, by chasing/gazing the ones who had made it (to the Place) and by shutting the Place off to whose who tried to join. The latter group of Gilets Jaunes got immobilised by being encircled in one of the sidestreets.

    • No they don’t, the next move is up to the Yellow Vests, but eventually it will boil down to “will the police and the military fire live ammo at the protesters?” That will determine what is going to happen in other nations.

  2. Photo of the DADDY of the Christmas Market murderer: he has a mustache but it’s trimmed above the lip.

    Note the mustache isn’t tinted, only the beard as mandated by Mohamed their Prophet who also tinted his beard with henna.

    Mohammedans should all be under watch, not that they’ll do the deed themselves, but some of their environment will somehow and in some way be involved.

    BTW, in Canada, we’re safe because we’re bowing down to their demands and even upgrading them to first class privileged citizens through intimidation, fear, and political correctness.

  3. No. 5: Khard
    We have no choice, we have to allow him to travel to Mecca for his Hajj.
    Failing which he’ll sue us through the Human Rights Commission for suppression of his religion rights.
    That’s the part Harper understood.
    So, anybody keeping tabs on the $10 Million tax-free payout? The guy is Jihadi, always was, always will be.

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