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3 Replies to “Turns out “non-binding” means “we commit ourselves””

  1. The Stasi has taken over Germany and is rapidly moving Germany into a one party dictatorship. As the commentator says the effects of the treaty will start slowly but by the end of next year they will be fully felt.

  2. The UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration’s only “non-binding” aspect is the reuptake profile of the signatories’ neuroreceptors. Anyone who inked this piece of well-used-toilet-tissue-masquerading-as-a-compact either comes from a racially homogeneous nation—which faces little to no consequences over cooperation (e.g., Japan or Nicaragua)—or counts themselves amongst the burgeoning ranks of Western Civilization’s suicidally obsessive virtue signalers.

    Any talk from these full-blown loons about how, “we commit ourselves”, should be taking place at the admissions desk of some remote, isolated, heavily secured, and unreachable insane asylum. Had she won in 2016 [retch], one can only imagine Hillary vigorously elbowing aside everyone else in Marrakesh to ensure that her named topped the list of euthanasia candidates mouth breathing, drooling idiots that willingly put pen to this typically catastrophic UN proposal.

    Trump’s open refusal to participate in this anti-Western, civilization hating, Globalist charade is a laudable demonstration of sagacity.

  3. An excellent analysis of the situation and Merkel’s part in this travesty against the German people. Hopefully the AfD have a strategic plan to cope with her co-conspirators.

    And to all Germans: it is time to throw off the yoke of Nazi guilt, not let the slurs and name-calling affect you and get to work and organize your resistance to this tyranny. Or it will be way worse very soon.

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