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5 Replies to “YT video of CAIR leader being arrested for assisting people breaking into the USA”

  1. This is real life. Islam is at war with the kufar. (All submitters pull down and destroy the Light that reveal them for the cowards they are – strong before the weak, weak before the strong).

    In media, movie and political life; it is exactly the reverse.

    Take “Unlocked”
    “one point is missing in other reviews”
    “The point was – a clear agenda, hard-coded into the movie, and probably one of the reason why it is so bad. The message was what Muslims, even evil imams are not so bad because it is all conspiracy of “other bad guys” .These happen to be a bunch of ugly blonde white people plus some Chinese, some remote traces of Russians. They are real roots of terrorism, but not Muslims, these naive boys and wisdom imams, who only has a noble verses from Koran. They some how slowly became “no-no” to be a real bad guys in modern cinema. There been a few more movie made just like this – about bombing in Paris, all done by corrupt police squad and another one with Harry Potter guy, same idea. I would call this approach of cinema makers as racial profiling actually.”

    The British head of Mi6 I took to be a promoted lesbian Cresida Dick character who had previous responsibility for murdering an innocent citizen.
    https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/feb/17/de-menezes-family-call-cressida-dick-barred-from-leading-met one who had provided the only real cheer and despair in equal measure in this predictable and ultimately Mary-Sue adventure.

    • And muslims are at war with muslims.

      ” ‘It all stems from my brother having problems at school with bullies.'”

      “My father was first attacked six months ago. On Tuesday night Ahsan went out at around 10.30pm to go to the shop for some cigarettes.

      ‘When he was on his way back my dad heard screaming, he looked on the CCTV and saw him getting stabbed up. He ran out to help.'”

      “Four people, Sadaqat Ali, 36, of Rhyl Avenue, Blackburn, Rafaqat Ali, 38, of Tenby Close, Blackburn and Fazal Ilhai, 62, also of Tenby Close, and a 13-year-old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, have all been charged with two counts of attempted murder.

      They are due to appear before Preston Crown Court on Monday, December 17.”

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