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3 Replies to “Both parts of the excerpts of German Greens and ANTIFA video”

  1. Interestingly, regarding “mobility” and cars, the plan, of course, if not to make other forms of transportation great, but to make driving a car a great inconvenience so that by comparison, what used to be great is now as terrible as all other options.

    Trust a socialist to ruin what works in order to ‘sell” what doesn’t. Their real issue is that people are far, far too free to make choices the Greens don’t approve of.

    • In practice it’ll wind up like the Soviet internal passports, binding you to your place as firmly as a serf.
      A Chinese-style “social credit” system will add a flourish: access to public transport regulated by social control algorithm.

      • The left hates a mobile society, when people have the right to pack up and move anytime they want the left can’t control them. As far as the left is concerned only the politically reliable (in the lefts opinion) should be able to travel.

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