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10 Replies to “Rumours of Strasbourg terrorist”

  1. My people just returned from another Christmas Market in Frankfurt, safe and sound. (The food was great by all reports, NR)

    You never know these days.

  2. Inevitable threat? Strasbourg gunman was on terror watch list, had grenades at home (RT, Dec 11, 2018)

    “Authorities believe their target is listed on the ‘Fiche S’ list of potential security threats, was born in February 1989 in Strasbourg and may have been radicalized only recently. He was to be arrested Tuesday morning in a homicide-robbery case, yet when the investigators arrived at his home, he was not there. Grenades were found during the search, according to French media”

  3. Sadistic ISIS supporters CELEBRATE Strasbourg Christmas market shooting (express, Dec 12, 2018)

    “SADISTIC jihadis have told their followers to “rejoice” in response to the Strasbourg shooting, where three people were killed and 12 others were injured.

    No terrorist group has officially claimed responsibility yet, but ISIS supporters have boasted the attack happened just “days after our threats”, according to SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks jihadist organisations. Rita Katz, director of SITE Intelligence Group, said ISIS has released propaganda posters calling on followers to carry out attacks similar to the Berlin Christmas market massacre. She added: “It’s an easy point for ISIS supporters to hone in on as such threats are common this time of year.”

    The gunman, who is known to security services, and is a suspected terrorist, is on the run and is being hunted by police.

    French authorities said the “ongoing” situation is being investigated by the counter-terror prosecutor’s office, but the motive for the sick attack is still unclear.

    In messages posted to encrypted messaging app Telegram, one suspected jihadi said if the gunman is affiliated with ISIS “it means the group continues to possess the ability to carry out attacks outside of its territory”.

    Seven people injured in the attack are said to be in a serious condition…”

  4. The Express article says that according to the police, the motive is unclear. I’ve had enough of this bullshit. The motive is screamingly clear.

    Second, why was this killer being allowed to walk around? Something COULD and CAN be done if we so wish. Anyone got ‘expulsion’ or ‘internment’ in their dictionary? To hell with namby-pamby, pussyfooting “rights”.

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