Three more news items worthy of notice: Links 1, Dec. 11/18

1. This article on an Ottawa based terror trial needs to be read carefully top to bottom, as there is a lot of key information in it, deliberately or not. For regular readers of this site, they may already be aware of what MSAs (Muslim Student’s Association) really are and mean. But this article gives some solid insight.

The Muslim Student’s Association pledge of allegiance:

2. A truly awesome tweet. Is it too much to call this guy a hero? I dunno. But Im so glad he did this:

Amy tweets the LA CAIR leader breaking the law and encouraging others to do so. In case anyone thought Islamic organizations could show any loyalty to a nation state.

Thank you ML., Amy Mek, and many others who contributes today.

Please do dive into the Reader’s links comments and some of the other post’s comments section as well for much more video of some of today’s reported events.

Its worth knowing that any substantial information we have on the Christmas Market jihad attack is from a rogue French Police officer that still cares about the actual law in France.


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  1. I truly appreciate your last paragraph. I’m certain he’s not alone with his feelings but he’s a hero. Vive la France libre!

  2. Amir Abdel Malik Ali, shown reciting the Islamic pledge of allegiance at UCLA during the Muslim Student Association western regional conference a few years ago, used to speak regularly at UC Irvine. He is an Oakland based imam. I have crossed swords with him many times. He is not only an anti-semite, he hates America as well.

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